Star Thief
Real Name: Ditmil Pirvat
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret Identity
Occupation: Terrorist
Citizenship: Citizen of India, Criminal Record in the United States (Possibly Other Countries)
Place of Birth: Nagpur, India
Known Relatives: Wife (Deceased), Daughter (Deceased), Son (Deceased)
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: New Warriors #5 (V1)
While driving with his family, just outside of New Dehli, a lance of lethal energy from an experimental satellite studying the Ozone struck his car. The lance of energy immediately incinerated and killed his wife and two children. Ditmil Pirvat, however, was not so fortunate. Burned alive, with his skin barely attached to his bones, he was found by his government glowing with the same energy that had murdered his family. Despite his lack of will to survive, he was placed within the containment suit, as a means to survive. His body fluctuated between decaying flesh and irradiated cosmic energy. Within the armored containment suit, Ditmil Pirvat vowed that no one would ever suffer, as he did, because of man’s desire to explore the stars.

Ditmil Pirvat adopted the name Star Thief, and started a terrorist career of sabotaging all efforts of space exploration. One such instance, on the North African plain, European space agencies began launching an unmanned Titan Rocket with a multi-billion dollar pay off. However, just as it takes off, it suddenly explodes; an explosion caused by Star Thief, who warns them that any and all future efforts of space exploration will be stopped by him.

Star Thief’s next attempt to destroy the newest launch puts him in contact with the New Warriors, who battle to stop him. The situation escalates as Mandroids become involved in the battle, allowing Star Thief to slip into the rocket during the chaos. Marvel Boy, Namorita, and Firestar follow him onto the ship and see that Stane International has the rocket full of chemicals. Star Thief explains that this is why he has to incinerate the rocket. At that moment, the rocket seals and takes off.

Namorita becomes extremely weakened, because the rocket is intended to be unmanned, and thus has no solid heat shields, causing her to become extremely dehydrated and weak. Star Thief explains that he has to release the excess energy that builds up within his containment suit, and that he plans to destroy the rocket – a process, which he is certain he would survive, but Namorita, Marvel Boy and Firestar would not.

at that moment, something teleports inside the rocket and takes them away. When Namorita awakens, she finds herself in Attilan, home of the Inhumans. Star Thief insists on leaving to destroy the rocket, when it’s discovered that it’s headed for the moon. The Inhumans engage him, and he’s defeated and brought before the presence of The Watcher. Star Thief, in the presence of The Watcher, learns that there is much more to life than the life of vengeance he has chosen to lead. With the help of Firestar and Black Bolt, the three of of them venture into space and incinerate the rocket, so that nothing remains of it; not even chemical vapors.

Star Thief requests to stay with the Inhumans so that he can learn; and Black Bolt agrees.

Star Thief’s current location is unknown, as he’s not been seen with them during recent events such as the Annihilation Wars, Realm of Kings, etc. It may be that he may be exploring the vary realms of space; the very realm he swore against and hated.

Height: (As Ditmil Pirvat) Unknown, (As Star Thief) 8’6″
Weight: (As Ditmil Pirvat) Unknown, (As Star Thief) 950 lbs
Eyes: (As Ditmil Pirvat) Brown, (As Star Thief) Black
Hair: (As Ditmil Pirvat) Black, (As Star Thief) None

Powers: Star Thief has the power to fly at superhuman speeds (even breaking the sound barrier), and can fire deadly, cosmic powered blasts from his hands. He also appears to have superhuman strength, the level of which is unknown, and Star Thief can seemingly survive indefinitely in the void of space without food, water, or air.

Armor/Containment Suit: Star Thief wears an armored containment suit in order for his body to survive the fluctuations between decayed flesh and irradiated cosmic energy caused by his accident. The containment suit also makes Star Thief nearly invulnerable to any type of injury, however, if the suit’s navigational wings are damaged, Star Thief will not be able to fly right without them.