Real Name: Tyros
Aliases: Terrax the Tamer, Terrax the Terrible
Identity: No Dual Identity
Occupation: Dictator, Herald of Galactus, The Offenders
Citizenship: Lanlak Citizen (Planet: Birj)
Place of Birth: City of Lanlak, Planet Birj
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Herald of Galactus
First Appearance: Fantastic Four (V1) #211
Tyros began his life as a dictator over the city of Lanlak, on the planet Birj. However, his time as a dictator would come to an end when he came to the attention of Galactus, who had been seeking a new Herald. Tyros, who had the ability to command rocks, was brought before the Fantastic Four who were battling the threat of the Sphinx. After being defeated by the Fantastic Four, Tyros was brought before Galactus and changed from the petty tyrant he once was, to the cosmically charged Terrax, where his mastery of the elements of stone were greatly increased.

Terrax however, was one of the most problematic heralds Galactus had even chosen. Though Terrax had been changed from the petty tyrant he once was to the cosmically charged Terrax; the root of who Terrax was inside continued to thrive and hunger; and thus, the power that Terrax had gained, he sought to use for his own personal gain, rather than to serve Galactus. Only his fear of Galactus’ power kept Terrax barely in line. Terrax sought to escape Galactus, and use the power for himself after a long time of servitude to Galactus. However, Galactus returned to Earth and empowered Alison Blaire (better known as Dazzler) with Cosmic Power and sent her into the dimension to seek out Terrax. Dazzler had managed to defeat Terrax, and once again returned to Galactus. Terrax then led Galactus to Galador, where he encountered and battled Rom. Rom and the Space Knights defeat Terrax, and Rom convinced Galactus to spare Galador and promises to lead Galactus to another planet to consume. Rom leads Galactus to Wraithworld, where Galactus finds he’s unable to devour the planet, and even the entire Dark Nebula. Galactus finds himself attacked by Deathwings, creatures from Wraithworld, and is forced to retreat. In a moment of vengeance, Galactus moves the physical location of Galador, so that the Space Knights can never know its location, and thus never return to it.

Terrax continued to prove troublesome to Galactus, as he kept Galactus from feeding, and while in his weakened condition, led Galactus to Earth, in hopes that the Fantastic Four would aid Terrax in ridding the world of the threat of Galactus once and for all. However, Galactus withdraws the cosmic power from Terrax and leaves Terrax stranded on Earth.

Doctor Doom restored some of Terrax’s power and used him to battle the Fantastic Four, but with the arrival of Silver Surfer, the battle is quickly turned and Terrax is consumed by the Power Cosmic and apparently slain. However, Terrax would resurface again on Earth when Genetech’s machine, called AILEAC (Ambiet Ionic Energy Locator and Collator) gathered the radioactive soil, and placed it within a spectro-analytical casing and ran it through a multi-band electromagnetic resonating transmission. The entire process ignited the energy needed to awaken Terrax once more. Namorita, of the New Warriors, was the first one the scene to battle Terrax, followed by Firestar, Nova, Marvel Boy and Night Thrasher. Speedball arrived last. After defeating Terrax, that is when the New Warriors officially formed.

Terrax would surface again, thanks to Genetech, when Harmon Furmintz activated the storage units where Terrax’s radioactive pieces had been contained. Terrax emerged and used Harmon’s human body as a host. The New Warriors were once again on the scene, this time with the assistance of Impulse and Mathemanic of Psionex. In the battle, Terrax put Mathemanic in a coma by burying him alive, and also managed to break Impulse’s back with but a swing of his arm. Terrax had struck Speedball with the same force, but rather than hurting Speedball it bounced him around so much that the kinetic energy built up, so that when Speedball struck Terrax, he flew through buildings and landed several hundred feet away. The Fantastic Four arrive to aid the New Warriors, as does Silver Surfer, who takes Terrax to Pluraris VI, a planet composed almost of only water. And since Terrax was using Harmon’s body as a host, he no longer had the ability to travel between planets.

Terrax was later freed from his banishment to help fellow Heralds of Galactus, Firelord, Frankie Raye, Air Walker, and Silver Surfer against Morg. While Silver Surfer built up his galactic team, Morg had found a planet with a mystical well, that imbued him with greater power. After draining as much of the power as he could, Morg returned to Galactus and confirmed that the World Eater could devour the planet, ensuring that no others would come across the Well’s mystical energy and use it against Morg. Terrax had been the one that convinced Silver Surfer that they could not defeat Morg. Morg had managed to damage Air-Walker, and murdered Frankie Raye by blasting her in the back, when she had believed Morg had been defeated. When Galactus returned with Silver Surfer to see this, he drained the Cosmic Power from Morg, which allowed Terrax to kill Morg with his own axe, which Terrax kept. Both Firelord and Air-Walker agreed to be Heralds of Galactus, so that they could better study his technology.

Morg was later resurrected by Galactus, who sought to give him a second chance. Morg immediately sought out Terrax to extract revenge for originally killing him; but their battle was interrupted by a new foe named Tyrant, where both were taken prisoner after being defeated. Other captives included Silver Surfer, Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Jack of Hearts and Ganymede, who all fought against Tyrant and defeated him until the appearance of Galactus brought everything to a halt. Tyrant demanded that Morg be left behind, and that the others could go free. Imprisoned by Tyrant, Morg continued to feed off of Morg’s remaining Cosmic Energy. Morg found and tried to use the Ultimate Nullifier, which resulted in his death, as well as that of Tyrant. Galactus was believed to have been slain in the explosion as well, but surfaced later.

Red Hulk recruited Terrax, along with Tiger Shark and Baron Mordo, to become a part of a team called the Offenders, to oppose Hulk, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer and Namor. Throughout the fight, Terrax had been paired against Silver Surfer, but could not get the upper hand. It turned out to be a game by the Grand Master, who watched it all, even as Psyco-Man entered the fray. Once he was free of Psycho-Man’s influence, Terrax sought to end Silver Surfer once and for all, but was surprisingly beheaded by Red Hulk uses Terrax’s axe. Grand Master informed the others that he had reformed Terrax and returned him, with no memory of the event.

Terrax’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Height: 6’6″
Weight: 2,750 lbs.
Eyes: Grey
Hair: None

Powers: Terrax possessed vast cosmic power granted him by Galactus. Terrax’s body was coated with a flexible rock-like shell that was impervious to extremes of heat and cold, from 50 degrees above absolute zero to the interior of a small sun, pressure up to 100 Earth atmospheres, and concussive force up to a fall at terminal velocity from the limit of Earth’s exosphere. His body had been sustained by cosmic energy, making it unnecessary for him to eat or breathe.

Weapon: Terrax wielded a cosmic axe which had several powers of its own. It was capable of emanating waves of destructive force sufficiently powerful to rent a tear in Galactus’s own ship. It could also project highly impervious force shields. Since it operated independently of rock and earth, the axe augmented the scope of Terrax’s power.