New Warriors Annual #1

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New Warriors Annual - #1

This issue is part two of the Kings of Pain Annual. The issue opens up with Cable, Warpath, Shatterstar, Cannonball, Boom-Boom, and Feral of X-Force take on Nova, Namorita, Firestar, Night Thrasher, Marvel Boy, Speedball, Silhouette and Chord of the New Warriors.

During the combat against one another, Cable notes to Domino over the radio that he recognizes Chord from a stint in North Africa back in 1973. Meanwhile, as the fight continues to progress, Cannonball and Nova slam into each other, physically hurting one another, though each of them should technically be nigh invulnerable.

Firestar takes the chances to try and talk sense into Cannonball, having previously known him. However, before she can talk any sense into Cannonball, Feral has jumped upon Firestar and attacked her. Warpath runs past the two of them, and goes after Namorita. They exchange blows, but it’s Warpath who nails Namorita with a solid punch.

Not too far away from that chaos, Boom-Boom throws several of her trademark psionic time bombs; however, Marvel Boy captures it within his telekinetic bubble and throws it back at Boom-Boom. Meanwhile, not far from there Night Thrasher and Silhouette try to take down the talented Shatterstar. Night Thrasher temporarily gets the advantage, but that only sparks Shatterstar to go all out, and with a blast from his sword and knocks him out cold. Before Shatterstar can deliver the coup de grace, Nova strikes Shatterstar from the back and knocks him out cold. But before Nova knows what’s going on, Cannonball returns the favor and knocks out Nova.

Finally Mr. Rosen and Mr. Furmintz step in and explain that they hired the New Warriors to protect Genetech, expecting an attack. Cable then explains that they got reports that they were working for Alliance of Evil.

Meanwhile, at the IDIC Corporation, which is a front for Advanced Idea Mechanics, several people sit in an office, explaining that the Alliance of Evil is captured, except Harness and Piecemetal are still at large.

Meanwhile in a mountain chalet in Vail, Coronado, two people in shadows play a game of chess, discussing how that the pieces are where they needed to be.

Meanwhile in Quebec, a special prison for criminals to be extradited to the United States, Frenzy, the leader of the Alliance of Evil slams on the door demanding to be released. In the midst of that, Silhouette appears and warns Frenzy to duck. When Frenzy tries to punch Silhouette, too late, the wall explodes behind her. She looks and sees Cable, who tells her she has three seconds to make the jump to the helicopter. She questions it for a moment, then makes the jump. Cable grabs her by the arm and questions her who had hired them. She tells Cable the same answer, but Cable points out she lied, then turns to Thrasher who turns to Chord and pulls the helicopter high into the sky. Cable asks her one more time or else he’s going to drop her, and she finally confesses it’s A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). They also learn that Piecemetal and Harness are going around the world absorbing some form of energy. They also learn the location to go to. At that point Cable releases her, and as Frenzy falls she shouted that Cable promised; Cable points out that that makes them both liars. Domino notes that Frenzy will easily survive the fall and land back in the hands of the authorities.

The New Warriors and X-Force burst into the pier where they discover that AIM is making armor that appears to be a LMD (Life Model Decoy). The New Warriors think back to Star Thief, and begin to piece together that it would seem that AIM is perhaps interested in putting some form of energy inside of the hollow LMD.

Another team of New Warriors and X-Force raid the former location of Cerebo. After inputting the data, they learn that there’s a energy signature and a DNA helix that comes up. Finding that the energy signature has appeared in a number of places in the world, they track it down to its starting point which is none other than Muir Island.

They piece together that AIM is trying to recreate Proteus, the mutant son of Moira MacTaggart.

Sub Stories Include: Origin of Night Thrasher, Origin of Marvel Boy, Origin of Niels and Speedball, Origin of Firestar, Origin of Namorita, Origin of Kid Nova, Genesis of the New Warriors (which is a one page recap of New Warriors #1). There is also a short story about Speedball testing out a serum to see how it effects his powers. After the practice he tries to trigger his powers while walking, and various things like Spider-Man, Invisible Woman, and other heroes all save him from triggering his powers. When he returns to the Crashpad, Chord warns Speedball that the serum might cancel his powers; and Speedball faints, realizing he had “risked his life” trying to trigger his powers all day.