New Warriors #1

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New Warriors #1 (Volume 1)

From the ground up.

This is how Dwayne Taylor, better known as Night Thrasher, would begin building the New Warriors. And from the ground up, he did indeed start. It began with grabbing Richard Rider, who was formerly known as Nova, and dangling his body over a building’s ledge.

After dropping Richard Rider to what would have been his death, had his powers not kicked in at the last moment, attention was then turned to the one known as Marvel Boy.
Marvel Boy, in an attempt to prove his worth to the Avengers, through he would be able to stroll in, use his powers, and impress the Avengers enough to have them ask him to be recruited.

But the security devices were too much, and Captain America turned Marvel Boy down, asking him to try back in a few years. While departing, he came across Night Thrasher and Nova, both in gear now. He obviously accepted…

Taking Nova and Marvel Boy to Taylor Foundations, we are introduced to Chord and Tai. We also see how Night Thrasher came across the information. We see them tap into the Hellfire Club’s computers, and also learn that Night Thrasher learned about Nova by tapping into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s computers, when S.H.I.E.L.D. went down.

They contact Angelica Jones, also known as Firestar, after getting her information from the Hellfire Club computers. They call her and threaten to reveal her secret to the world, unless she met them in 30 minutes.

Attention now turned to Namorita Prentisis – the Sub Mariner’s cousin. During a construction site’s test to pinpoint all forms of radioactive contamination in the soil, and isolating the terra firma, they unwillingly unleashed Terrax.

At the same time, Firestar meets Night Thrasher, Nova and Marvel Boy. They sense the tremor and begin jumping into action.

Robbie Baldwin, better known as Speedball, was also not too far away. He felt the tremor, and leave his mother to discuss business while he turns himself into the Masked Marvel – Speedball, and bounces his merry way towards the action!

Namorita is joined by Night Thrasher, Marvel Boy, Nova and Firestar in the battle against Terrax. When Nova tries to strike Terrax, he is batted away like a senseless fly. While Firestar strikes, it creates a diversion which allows Namorita to land a sucker punch against Terrax. Trying to keep him off guard, Night Thrasher jumps in with a smoke bomb, trying to blind Terrax – but as Terrax states, he can see in the deepest, darkest regions of space – smoke did little against him. He grabbed Night Thrasher and threw him towards some shrapnel, that would have surly killed him has Marvel Boy’s telekentic powers not saved him at the last moment.

That is when Speedball arrived and bounced all over Terrax, rendering him somewhat surprised. That is when Marvel Boy captured Speedball in a telekenetic bubble, until all the kenetic energy within reached an incredible bursting point, and was unleashed on Terrax, which stripped him apart.

Night Thrasher noticed how Terrax kept using the ground to replenish himself, and before he could bark the command, Nova and Namorita were already on it. They lifted him up into the air, and immediately noticed how he began falling apart. That was when they threw them into the air with every ounce of strength they had, and marveled at how he simply exploding, raining down, only as small pebbles and rocks…

Even the Avengers came forward to tell them how well they had done, but then took over once Terrax was already defeated, and thus getting all the credit. However, they all saw how well they worked together, and a new beginning started here…

The world has a new team… a new set of heroes…

The New Warriors.