New Warriors #14

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New Warriors #14 (Volume 1)


Stanton Island, New York. Chances are when someone is unloading cargo at 10:35pm, under the cover of darkness – it’s probably not legal stuff they’re unloading. And that’s why there’s heroes like the New Warriors. The scene kicks off with Namorita and Speedball making a bust on some people unloading crates from a cargo boat! Speedball finds himself shot at close range, which sends him bouncing off crates, and bouncing into – and knocking out! – the man who shot him. Namorita delivers a hearty punch to a few of the others, and one of them lets the crate go… spilling its contents.

Atlantian Artificats. As Namorita examines them, recognizing them, Darkhawk arrives. Namorita and Darkhawk go at it for a few rounds, both of them mistaking the other as a “villain” until Speedball manages to break up the fight. In the meantime, a cargo ship attempts to get away and Speedball bounces himself off the pier but is unable to make it. So Namorita flies after the ship herself.

Once aboard the ship, she finds against a man in armor with electro-whips. One snag dehydrates her and leaves her weak. The man introduces himself as Sea Urchin. He then proceeds to beat Namorita an inch from the end of her life…

Meanwhile, Dwayne and Sil meet Rich Rider – at which time Dwayne, better known as Night Thrasher, apologizes to Rich (Nova) for dropping him from the ceiling. This is when Dwayne gives Rich his classic Nova outfit.

Meanwhile, Vance and Angel go out on their first date, on Vance’s motorcycle.

Meanwhile, back at Oracle, Inc. – a company owned by Sub Mariner – that very man is there for his cousin, as Namorita opens her eyes for the first time. Her face is mutilated and so badly broken and bruised that most of her body is in bandage. But Namorita will have none of that, and stands up, ripping out the tubes and ripping off the cords. And with these harsh words, “He beat me! He humiliated me! He spit on my heritage!” Namorita began marching down a very dark path…

Putting on the armor, she sites the vow: “Of Honor Scorned, Of Honor Worn, Till Death of One Suffice.” And with that, she flies out the window before Namor, Speedball or Darkhawk can do a thing about it.

She finds Sea Urchin underwater, once again digging up Atlantian Relics – with the razors on the armor, she cuts into the Sea Urchin’s armor, shorting it out rather quickly. This is where Namorita demonstrates an interesting ability, which has never been explored. In an attempt to electrocute her, she thinks, “Electricity? It can’t hurt a true sub-mariner! I can absorb it!” She then cracks his armor, and in a desperate attempt he tries to escape – but Namorita gets a hold of him, and with her Blood-Code Carapace, she squeezes the helm so the glass begins to crack – knowing at this depth, his body would implode from the water pressure. One more squeeze… but she stops herself. She then drags Sea Urchin back to the surface and throws him onto his ship, where Namorita finds the crew have over thrown the ship and taken it over for the good! One of those members is Michael Shauneghann, of Project: Earth.

Namorita returns and collapses into Namor’s arms, ashamed she wore the battle armor, and disgraced it by not killing. But Namor assured her – this made her a far better person…