New Warriors #15

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New Warriors #15 (Volume 1)

The Sushi People.

This issue begins with Nova helping local authorities by bursting through a wall where two armed men lie in waiting. Also, he finds a mother – strung out on some unknown, illegal substance, with her two kids clinging to her. Nova quickly returns home, where he is discovered by his mother and father. They’re none to please about Rich wearing his Nova uniform once again – even less pleased by the idea that he didn’t even tell them that he was Nova once again.

We cut to GeneTech where they are doing some form of experiment on the soil that once made up a portion of Terrax. That’s when the members of Psionex – Asylum, Coronary, Impulse, Mathemanic and Pretty Persuasions – burst through the wall saying they’re leaving GeneTech.

We cut to Midtown Manhattan, at the abandoned Taylor Foundation owned factory along the East River. Firestar, Marvel Boy, Sil and Night Thrasher begin moving into their new base. During this time, they get a call from Chord, who tells them of the trouble brewing at GeneTech. At the same time, in their own place, Speedball and Namorita get the call from Chord as well, and respond immediately. Only Nova hesitates when the call comes in, due to the fact he’s engaged in a serious conversation with his parents about once again being Nova.

The Warriors enter GeneTech the same way Psionex had tried to exit – through a wall. A battle quickly begins. Namorita passes through Coronary. When she stops to see what had happened, he strikes her with a shaped fist, sending her crashing against a wall with incredible force. Firestar reacts by blasting Coronary, and finds to her horror, that the microwaves pass through Coronary, causing him immense pain. Her concern, and moment’s delay, is enough for Asylum to get the drop on her and envelope her in darkness. Marvel Boy uses his telekentic ability to heave a massive item through Asylum, which frees Firestar. Meanwhile, Speedball finds himself at the mercy of Pretty Persuations and Nova at the mercy of Mathemanic. However, in a unique plan, Nova strikes Speedball with all of his strength, triggering Speedball’s power once again, sending him bouncing off of Pretty and Mathemanic – rendering them both breathless! Before Pretty can react, Sil strikes her with her brace, rendering her unconscious. However, in a last ditch attempt, Mr. Furmintz releases Terrax!