New Warriors #20

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New Warriors #1 (Volume 1)

Breaking Point.

Home of Clan Yashida in Tokoyo, Japan.

Night Thrasher informs the other members of the New Warriors that they’re not there to fight. They’re to get in and out, as quickly and quietly as possible. Sil begins the mission by shadow melting into the building. After Sil radios Night Thrasher to inform him that she took out some guards, the Warriors make their move.

Firestar uses her powers to short the building’s electricity. Nova then takes to the air to scout around. All seems quiet – too quiet – when two ninjas jump and attack Nova. Night Thrasher appears, and in one quick movement takes down both ninjas!

However when the lights suddenly come back on, the New Warriors find themselves surrounded by well over one hundred ninjas, all ready for action. At the doorway, Mariko Yashida appears. Night Thrasher speaks to her in Japanese, telling her that he’d like her help in putting the Yakuza out of business. Mariko says she can help, and promises, if they can help her be rid of Yashida – then she too will help them with what they seek to know.

Meanwhile, back in Chinatown in Manhattan…

Tai enters a quaint Vietnamese restaurant and approaches the woman who had come to visit Chord (see previous issue). Tai nods with a sneer, “Miyami, you should have stayed away.”

The woman known as Miyami explains that she had heard that Chord was hurt.

This is when Tai gives the cryptic message, “And your children? They did not die either did they?”

Miyami and Tai get into a verbal disagreement, when Tai goes on to point out, “Your death – all of you, in the car accident. It was staged, wasn’t it? So your children! They are alive as well, aren’t they?” Then she pauses.

“Of course, I know now…” And with that, one blow of what appears to be razor sharp talons, Tai strikes Miyami down and adds. “You will never know the pain you caused me, dear child. As I brought you into this world, so I take you away in pain. Goodbye dear daughter.”

We cut to Saugerties, New York… the home of Vance, better known as Marvel Boy.

He wakes up, still beaten and bruised, arm broke from his battle with Gideon. He slowly gets out of bed, his first thought on how his father is back from his business trip. His father storms past Vance’s mother, saying that she was lying about Vance being in a motorcycle accident. Without so much as asking, Vance’s father, Arnold begins beating Vance. Vance suddenly snaps – his powers cutting loose, and he begins shouting, “You will never hit me again!”

Vance uses his TK abilities and knows his father through two walls…

His father is immediately rushed to the hospital…

The Marina Shipping District in Shizuoka, Japan…

The Warriors come upon Tatsu’o. The Warriors discuss among themselves about being used in a way, and Nova explains it as, “Scratch my back, I will scratch yours, nothing in this world is free.”

They decide to think about it later and take Tatsu’o down and they do it fast. Night Thrasher cracks open a crate full of heroin.

Just then the Cybersamurai arrive!

One electrical bursts strikes Nova, actually hurting him slightly. The New Warriors quickly fan out. Firestar tries to match fire against one of the Cybersamurais – energy against energy. It is not until she attacks the armor directly, that her microwave powers disrupt its systems. Meanwhile, Speedball bounces off another one of the Cybersamuraris! Nova then digs his hands into the armor of yet another, causing it’s armor to short circuit. Another chases Speedball through the crates, where Night Thrasher lands a surprise attack with his special skate board. The apparent leader, Fu’se, names off Elec’trix, Die’ode and Vibrato as the three Cybersamurais that were taken down.

Tatsu’o shows up and calls the fight to a stop. He then points out that the Yashida Clan, namely Mariko is a devious one – and if they New Warriors had a problem, to approach him directly. He makes a deal with the New Warriors, that if they leave his Japanese business (exporting/importing heroine) alone, that he will give names, dates and locations for everything that had to do with the shady dealings of the Taylor Foundation.

Night Thrasher, without consulting anyone else, agrees.

Saugerties General Hospital.

Arnold, Vance’s father, is said to have more than seventy percent of the bones in his body crushed to dust from the impact. Detective Mason is there to arrest Vance when he shows up, for using lethal force with his telekinetic powers.

Japan again.

Firestar screams at Night Thrasher about how they can’t turn away from someone smuggling heroine. Night Thrasher argues that they can’t arrest Tatsu’o while in Japan, and they can’t drag him to the United States. They might as well benefit somehow.

Speedball and Sil both side with Firestar, and all eyes fall on Nova.

And Nova, despite not always getting along with Night Thrasher, agrees with him. He goes on to explain that Night Thrasher is right. They went all this way, they’re caught between a family war, with no one being right. They came here for one thing, and it was best to get it and cut their loses while they could.

But when it comes down to it, Night Thrasher is overcome by how his life is falling apart. He finally snaps, quits, and disbands the New Warriors…

… in the middle of Japan, no less!