New Warriors #6

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New Warriors #6 (Volume 1)

The Inhuman Condition.

Surrounded by Mandroids, Speedball and Night Thrasher are forced to try and calm Nova down… With a smug look on his face, Robert Hanklin informs them that there is no one on the moon to argue against dumping on the moon… And in an instant, before anyone is aware of what is happening, Nova shakes off Night Thrasher and Speedball, and picks up Robert Hanklin, flying him into the air. Gazing down, Nova kindly reminds Robert Hanklin that unless he explains himself, he will become flatter than a penny upon impact…

Fearing for his life, Robert Hanklin explains that there is a city on the moon… and that Stane International is interested in it, but the people who dwell in that city must be removed first… and this is how they were doing it…

Meanwhile, on the doomed rocket, Namorita has fallen ill, for the ship was not built to hold human passengers… and thus the hulls are not well protected against the increasing heat… Star Thief explains he never intended to hurt innocents, but he has no choice but the blast the ship from within, killing them all anyway…

Star Thief goes on to explain that any chemical solvents in the atmosphere could deplete the ozone layer, or even if the sealed drums were left in outer space, there is always a chance for decay, and the reentry of earth’s atmosphere.

Marvel Boy, now seeing the potential danger asks if Star Thief is certain that his containment suit would ensure that he would survive the blast… however, the others would die.

It is during this final moment, that Marvel Boy reveals his identity to Firestar… just as Namorita awakes, there comes a buzzing sound… then a flash…

When a fire bursts on the plant, Nova returns, throwing Robert Hanklin aside… explaining to the others that they must find a way to the moon; Night Thrasher informs them that they must help put out of the fire, before there are explosions, and it rages out of control.

Picking up the entire tank of flame-retardant foam, Nova begins unleashing it on the burning flames, while Night Thrasher rescues some of the people still located at the plant.

Once the fire is under control, and put out – Night Thrasher comments that they should go to the Avengers or Fantasic Four for some help about getting to this city on the moon… However, Robert Hanklin announces that they are going nowhere – and that is when one of his own mandroids picks him up, and forces him to tell them that they are free to go…

A sense of coolness washed over her, and when she opened her eyes again, she saw Triton! She learns that she is in the middle of Attilan, the fabled Blue Area of the Moon – home of the Inhumans!

Gathered together, before the Inhumans, Star Thief explains his origin, telling them that once, he was known as a man called Ditmil Pirvat, native of India. However, tragedy struck like a lance from the gods! His car was incinerated, his family instantly slain – he, however, was not so lucky. His flesh fluctuated between decayed flesh and Cosmic energy. A containment suit was made to keep him alive. He learned that it had been an experimental satellite ozone analyzer that had gone awry (it was mentioned in issue #5).

When they learned the rocket was headed for the city on the moon, they began moving to put a stop to it – except for Star Thief, who exploded with energy, claiming that the city on the moon must be destroyed!

With a blast from Black Bolt, Star Thief goes spiraling into the ground… Namorita is the first to reach him, but Star Thief is too quick, and turns to grab her – only a telekentic shield from Marvel Boy saves Namorita from being fried alive. Gorgon is the next to pounce on him, which forces Star Thief to release his hold on Namorita. Karnak follows through with a kick, which leads Star Thief into Medusa’s living hair – which finally sends him down into a deep, dark shaft… there, they find Star Thief suspended in a energy bubble, held in place by none other, than… The Watcher.

The Watcher shows Star Thief the error of his ways, and together, Star Thief, Black Bolt, and Firestar concentrate their power to destroy the rocket, leaving only a brief vapor trail of what was to be the doom of the Blue Area of the Moon…

Star Thief is welcomed among the Inhumans, since there is nothing left for him on Earth… and Namorita, Marvel Boy, and Firestar are all brought back to Earth, the same way they were saved from the doomed rocket… By the power of the giant, teleporting, dog of the Inhumans, the one known as Lockjaw.


Her hands gently touch the stone of these old, Egyptian plains… and the rocks open up to a door… staring in, she sees a beautiful crypt… and she smiles, knowing it well. She pulled the cloth away, and smiled, “It warms my heart to see I had been so well taken care of… I didn’t have the best of all possible views, considering I was dead…”