New Warriors #28

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New Warriors #28 (Volume 1)

Her name is Michiko Musashi, and she is coming home from shopping in Long Island – in a rather unusual way. Flying through the skies of Long Island, Michiko is better known through out the world as the female hero, Turbo. As she flies over the skies, she passes over a pier where she notices a ship with no lights on, and men moving about. She ignores her instinct that tells her not to get involved; and as a result she gets herself shot at. Quickly fleeing, she realizes that it’s not her problem.

Back on the pier, Jeremy Swimmingbear, sometimes known as Sea Urchin speaks with Mr. Kashnyev, of Russia, about making some deals.

Three hours later, Peconic, Long Island. Nova, Namorita, Silhouette and Firestar watch as a deal of questionable nature go down. Under Silhouette’s command they take down the arm’s dealer, unaware that they’re being watched. From the shadows of the warehouse, they get blasted by Cardinal. When Nova and Firestar give pursuit, Cardinal hits Nova with a tar blast that covers his eyes. Firestar goes after Nova to help him, while Namorita gives chase. However, that too is cut short when he hits her with a titanium net. When the Warriors return to the ground with Silhouette waiting, it’s Sil who asks Namorita where she got the tip from in the first place.

Long Island University, we see Michiko Muashi speaking on the phone with someone named Micheal. She tells him that she needs to use the armor for a bit longer. She then looks at the newspaper, and vows that she will do something this time.

Back at the Warriors’ base, Silhouette gathered Namorita, Nova and Firestar. She then pushes Namorita to tell her where she got her tip from. We learn that Namorita has been under a great amount of stress with Jeremy Swimmingbear running free (as seen in New Warriors Annual #2) after beating Namorita within an inch of her life (as seen in New Warriors #14). On top of all that, we learn she’s running Oracle, a company formerly ran by her cousin, Namor. Nita finally reveals that she’s getting her information from Project: Earth.

Cuthogue, Long Island on the pier. Turbo shows up blasting criminals left and right. However, in the process a truck manages to escape. The New Warriors appear and tell Turbo to either join them in their fight or get out of their way. Turbo quickly agrees to help the Warriors as they give chase to the truck that had gotten away when Turbo first arrived.

The Warriors along with Turbo arrive in time to see the men from the truck jump into a boat and take to the great seas. Namorita dives into the ocean and takes off after the boat. Silhouette shadow melts and lands on the boat. With an impressive display of athletics, Silhouette takes down four men with hardly breaking a sweat. Using the boat, they go to the meeting point of where they are to meet Jeremy Swimmingbear, better known as Sea Urchin.

A helicopter arrives and Cardinal comes out. At that very moment, a sub also surfaces. At that moment, Namorita bursts through the water and gives the command to take them down! Namorita catches Jeremy Swimmingbear in the sub. Cardinal uses his blasts to nail the boat and catch it on fire. The boat explodes, knocking Namorita and Jeremy Swimmingbear off the sub. Firestar and Nova quickly move to rescue the unconscious boat crew from the burning inferno. Meanwhile, Cardinal makes his escape underwater while Jeremy climbs into the helicopter.

Turbo tells Namorita to go after Cardinal underwater while Turbo goes after the helicopter. Reluctant to trust Turbo, whom Namorita knows nothing about; she finally agrees that it is the best solution. Diving into the depths of the ocean, Namorita quickly catches up with Cardinal and rips his wings from his armor. At the same moment, Turbo using his armor to blasts gusts of wind that force the helicopter into the ocean.

We see the Warriors on the end of the pier, where Namorita explains to Turbo. “Whenever you wear your armor, you have no choice to be a super hero. And once you learn how to be a hero, you spend the rest of your life, trying not to be a villain.”