New Warriors #30

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New Warriors #30 (Volume 1)

We see in the opening panels that it is not Namorita who killed Halladah; but her lack of action that led to his death. Her hesitation allowed Aqueduct to dehydrate Halladah, and bring the man a painful death.

A mile away from Namorita’s crisis, the rest of the Warriors fight against the Forces of Nature and the very fires that threaten to consume all of the land. As Skybreaker gives chase to Speedball, Silhouette takes him down with little effort. Seeing the fires raging out of control, Firebrand makes a quick exit. Unfortunately he bumps into Sprocket who nails him with a gun and renders him unconscious.

Shortly after Namorita arrives on the scene, explaining that the fight is over. However, Mezdbadah tells her that now is the time to rush the capital and bring true freedom to the land. When heavy opposition comes to meet the Warriors, Namorita tells Firestar to take care of it, and do it fast. Taking to the air Firestar unleashes her powers – and with little effort, stops an entire army.

Mezdbadah rushes the palace and they bring out Jalfaha. The Warriors quickly learn that Mezdbadah and his organization are funded by the country’s fanatical neighbors to the east.

Back in Manhattan, the Warriors – Nova, Speedball, Firestar, and Rage – leave the studios after the interview. As they leave, we see the hat of the Vanisher still lying on the floor. Most interesting to note is when Firestar says, “… let’s head back to the Crashpad and find out what happened to Silhouette.”

Back to the events of Trans-Sabal, when Firebrand tries to kill Jalfaha and proclaim themselves as the new rules, Nova blocks the fire blast – and in one fluid movement, Namorita snaps and breaks Firebrand’s arm at the joint of his elbow. And with that, she calls for Sprocket and the Warriors leave the land… still an inferno… still at war… still in chaos… they came to make a change, but in truth, nothing changed…

Except for the Warriors themselves.

Nova, Firestar, Speedball and Rage arrive at the Crashpad and after examining the room it appears that Silhouette hasn’t been there. They make note that they have not seen her in a week, and Nova even went as far as to say that Night Thrasher was in Japan, trying to sort things out there – and that not even he had seen her.

Shortly after, Namorita arrives and lets the Warriors know that she is not under any kind of arrest. She also says, “As much as people hate war, they must hate peace more. For no one seems to have any interest in achieving it.”