New Warriors #32

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New Warriors #32 (Volume 1)

The issue begins within the Smythers Drug Rehabilitation Clinic in Manhattan, New York. Henrique Gallante’s life is about to drastically change. Fear has washed over him, and his terrified screams bring the attention of the doctors, who quickly sedate him. When they leave, we see the shadows slowly creeping over him, until his form is completely dark itself…

Midtown, at the Roxie Theater, Richard Rider and Laura Dunham leave the theater, after watching “Dracula.” They discuss the idea of mixing terror and evil with romance and sex, and how it’s a bad idea. With a good night kiss, Laura drives off and Rich Rider makes his way into an alleyway and slides into his Nova outfit and takes to the air.

We switch the view to Holy Ghost Church on 42nd Street. We see Dagger attempting to save Cloak from a darkforce type energy that seems to be wrapping itself around Cloak. The darkforce lashes out and slams Dagger against the wall. By the time she comes to, Cloak has nearly been consumed by the darkness with only the haunting words of: “Tandy, it feels worse than before. I am being torn apart inside and I can’t stop it.”

Just seconds before Cloak is consumed, Dagger leaps inside of his cloak, within the darkforce. There, she finds Cloak along with three others – one of them being Silhouette, all bound by darkness. Suddenly she is forced out of the darkforce, and it closes upon itself within seconds later.

We go next to Robbie Baldwin (better known to us as Speedball) walks along side with his mother, Peter Parker (better known to the world as Spider Man) and Peter’s wife, Mary Jane. During their walk, Spider Man’s spider sense triggers off. Upon the building they are walking next to, the same darkforce material seems to be wrapping itself around everything.

We cut to Warren Worthington (better known then as Archangel) with his new girlfriend looking down at the city from their high window. Warren quickly acts and flies down to the street to aid the citizens finding themselves attacked by the darkforce material. When Warren’s wing cuts it, it quickly scampers away deep into the sewers.

Smythers Clinic, screams of the insane cascade through the hall, but in the quietest room sits Manny. Unaware to the world, and undoubtedly to Manny himself, that he alone is responsible for the rise of the darkforce. Within his cell, the darkforce takes a humanoid form and asks Manny to accept him. Manny finally reaches out his hand, and makes a deal with darkness itself…

Cutting back to Robbie, his mother, Peter Parker and Mary Jane – Robbie takes off running one way, while Peter takes off running another way. They each don on their super hero clothing and persona and launch an attack at the Darkforce.

We then turn to home of Doctor Strange, where he allows himself to be captured by the Darkforce, in hopes of discovering its source and finding a way to defeat it from within.

Rage and Namorita cross-files from the Avengers and what they got from GeneTech, and discover how to pinpoint Silhouette by tracing the darkforce signature. Upon tracing it further, they see several signatures all at once, happening throughout the city.

Suddenly a wave of the darkforce washes into the room. Both Rage and Namorita get covered in it – but it is Namorita alone who is changed by it. Her skin becomes black as night, and she attacks Rage, and within a few punches renders him nearly unconscious. Before she can finish him off, Nova appears and strikes her from the back, slamming her down on the ground.