New Warriors #36

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New Warriors #36 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Prisoner #344768 – better known as Vance Astrovik (some even know him as Marvel Boy) taking blasts from The Guardsmen within the Federal Superhuman Penitentiary in Colorado. He effortlessly blocks their blasts, then knocks them away by expanding his telekinetic shield, and finally does a telekinetic “uppercut.”

Vance is then called to the office, where Guardsman #6 (Scott) leads him to Warden Jzemlico’s office where he plays a Video Disc which contains an image of Vance Astrovik from Guardians of the Galaxy, giving Vance a message about how he should never give up – and never hit rock bottom. (It’s also discussed how Vance from the Guardians of the Galaxy inadvertently altered the future by being the one that triggered Vance’s mutant powers).

The scene shifts to Namorita waking up in her bed, naked and hung over. Jackie calls her on the phone, and Namorita realizes that she slept with the man from the club (see the previous issue for that reference). When she gets up, we see the man she slept with spying on her from outside, with binoculars, holding the Oracle Inc. book.

A scene shift again, and we’re back to Vance in jail. A Code Four alarm goes off in Section 14G, and we learn that The Wizard has caused yet another revolt. Vance convinces the Warden to allow him to go with Guardsman #6 to help calm the situation.

Another scene shift finds us with Robbie standing by his locker, where Carlton surprises him. Carlton reveals he wants to be a member of the New Warriors… and if Robbie doesn’t help make that happen, he will reveal to everyone that Robbie is actually Speedball.

Once more we scene shift to Vance and Guardsman #6. Inside Section 14G, we see Wizard, Gargantua, and the members of Forces of Nature, revolting within the prison. Vance stops both sides from attacking one another, and learns that Terraformer needs a plant to survive, but the Warden was fearful that he would use it as a means of escape.

Vance quells the uprising by getting the plant from the Warden’s office and explaining that both sides are right and both sides are wrong, and that a central compromise must be made if this is all to be successful. The Warden agrees to draft up new rights for the prisoners, and Vance mentions that he has much to learn about… Justice.

Prologue: We see the young man that slept with Namorita speaking with others, and he mentions that they will use the Oracle Inc book to strike back at Night Thrasher and the rest of the New Warriors by striking at their weakest point – their friends and family!