New Warriors #41

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New Warriors #41 (Volume 1)

The scene opens up with Laura holding Rich in his arms, shouting that he is dead. Surrounding her are Speedball, Rage, Firestar, Silhouette, Night Thrasher, Air Walker and Firelord. Air Walker however uses some of his Power Cosmic to restore Rich. As Air Walker begins to explain what he’s done, Speedball cuts him off before Laura discovers the truth.

Rich tells Laura that he can’t talk about what’s happened and begins to walk off, leaving her in tears, and apparently somewhat angry about being left in the dark.

The scene makes a change to Garthan Saal, “Supernova” shouting that now he has taken the powers from Rich Rider he is complete. We see him attacking the Shi’ar. As he wages a one man war against the Shi’ar the book takes another shift.

This time to the desolate world of Xandar, where we see an embryo within a tank; and the computer clicks on with the haunting message of, “Cloning Nutrient Fluid Regeneration Online Embryonic Stage Four.” We see Carlton under the guide of “Hindsight Lad” reciting information about Xandar, to which he is scolded by Speedball and Night Thrasher about not being a member of the New Warriors. We learn that the world of Xandar can rise again, if the power is restored to the world itself – however, that would leave Rich Rider with the possibility of never being Nova again.

Down to the majestic waters of the city of Atlantis, we see Namorita beating on a few guards who explain that she is not permitted to enter. When she asks on what grounds, they explain that on the grounds of Lord Vashti, the Grand Vizier. Vashti appears and explains that since the civil unrest, that clones are not permitted within Atlantis. Just as Namorita begins to protest, she doubles over in pain!

Another scene shift that takes place two days later, we see the New Warriors, along with Firelord and Air Walker in a space craft, flying through the remains of a Shi’ar Empire. When Rich prepares to take on Supernova, Night Thrasher says he’s not equipped, and that they need to let the one person who can cut loose and really give Supernova a run for his money to go ahead and do it. When Firelord agrees, Night Thrasher says he’s not the one he’s talking about. When Air Walker explains that Firelord is more powerful than himself, Night Thrasher lets him know he wasn’t talking about him either.

The next scene we see is Firestar in a space outfit flying after Supernova!

When she cuts loose, she stops Supernova from laughing any further, as his laughter turns into painful screams that sends him spiraling planet side. In the battle, Supernova grabs Rich Rider and then teleports to Xandar.

We scene shift again, this time to Xandar and see that the regeneration cell has grown…

Into Queen Adora.