New Warriors #43

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New Warriors #43 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Vance and Firestar in a deep kiss as the rest of the New Warriors members look on, smiling. However, as they march out of the jail, they’re greeted with Anti-Mutant Sentiments, with signs that read, “Free Humans, Not Muties!” One goes so far to throw a still born fetus in a jar shouting, “This is what should have been of you!”

This is finally what sets Vance off. Using his telekinetic ability, he levitates the protesters shouting that he has repeatedly saved lives, and done everything he could to make life good for everyone – mutant and human alike, and he asks, who among them could say they’ve done the same for him.

The scene shifts to Shinobi Shaw, who is discussing “The Game” with the Gamemaster. The Gamemaster recommends using Vance to be Shinobi’s pawn. When Shinobi asks how he could do that, Gamemaster suggests doing so via Vance’s mother, Norma.

Another scene shift, this time we see Angelica Jones (Firestar) helping her father stand up. As Vance comes down the stairs, he uses his telekinetic power to help her father properly stand. Vance’s mother shows up, and it doesn’t take long before Vance and his mother get in a fight. She leaves, crying, “Are you going to use your powers to smash me through a wall like you did your father?”

As she drives away, we see Shinobi sitting in his car, grinning.

Another scene shift, and we find ourselves in Atlantis. We seen some Atlantians scurrying around, and then a tube shatters, and we see a blue webbed hand shattering the glass. Seconds later, we see it’s Namorita completely changed, swimming away.

Yet another scene shift, we find protesters outside Norma Astrovik’s home. Just as they throw rocks and bottles into the home – it all suddenly stops. And when the crowd looks up, we see the debut of Vance Astrovik as… Justice!

The crowd turns into a riot and the New Warriors show up to calm things down. We see Mrs. Arranaga, who had been pregnant, which Vance saved during a battle against Terrax. (See issue #17 for more details there). When they question how she could be siding with the Anti-Mutant side, she explains that her son is dying from the radiation that they were exposed to during the battle, and that is why she is against Mutants, because they kill indirectly as well.

Shinobi Shaw appears and offers Vance, and all mutants, a better way. Justice, once again, takes off to think on his own.

One final scene shift brings us back to Atlantis, where we learn that Namorita demands that Sub-Mariner come to her.