New Warriors #46

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New Warriors #46 (Volume 1)

In X-Force #33 (part 3 of 4 of Child’s Play) – this time we see more New Warriors action per page in this issue. It isn’t till half way through when Justice drops off Firestar to Gamemaster on behalf of Shinobi Shaw. Gamemaster tells Justice that he should try to play the role of Judas, as he knows the plan Shinobi had to over throw him. He then reveals to Justice – to harm him, is to kill the others (Magma, Moonstar, Boomer, Cannonball, and Empath) – as they are all linked to him.

Another scene shift in this issue has the New Warriors spying on Graydon Creed’s home. While discussing how the confront him, Rage and Nova throw a large, square metallic piece through his door. Graydon Creed seemed smug and carefree about it all until Kymaera threatens to tell the Friends of Humanity that he is associating with mutants and that he is the off spring of two mutants (Victor Creed – Sabretooth and Raven Darkholme – Mystique, supposedly). He finally agrees to their terms and shows them the location in the Swiss Chalet that Shaw recently rebuilt.

And then into the actual issue of New Warriors #46 do we plunge.

The issue opens up with X-Force coming through a portal where they are greeted by the New Warriors. In one page we have Night Thrasher, Silhouette, Rage, Nova, Kymaera, Speedball, Cable, Shatterstar, Domino, Rictor, Siryn and Warpath.

Night Thrasher explains that they have mapped out the area and had a game plan of three teams. Rage and Speedball; Kymaera and Nova; and Thrash and Silhouette. Cable agrees and assigns Rictor and Shatterstar with Nova and Kymaera; Warpath and Siryn with “Superball” (Speedball corrects him) and “The Big Guy” (Rage); and Domino and Cable are with Thrash and Silhouette.

When they separate – Shatterstar and Rictor are taken over by Karma and Empath (respectively). They in turn attack Nova and Kymaera. Nova spots Karma and Empath and uses low level gravimetric pulse to take them both out. But his kindness is not met in kind when Magma and Moonstar take them out.

The scene shifts again, this time to Warpath, Siryn, Rage and Speedball. They are confronted by Sienna Blaze. She unleashes completely – releasing a force that only someone like the Hulk could survive. So she is surprised (well, he technically – as it is Gamemaster controlling her) – to see that all three survived. When she wonders how it is possible – she sees Speedball still standing and realizes that he had extended his kinetic shield outwards to take the brunt of the blast. There is no need for another attack however, as Speedball collapses and welcomes unconsciousness.

We switch again, to the other team where we find Cable, Domino, Night Thrasher and Silhouette under attack by Firestar, Cannonball, Justice and Boomer. Using her taser crutches, Silhouette stuns and takes out Boomer, while Night Thrasher uses cayenne spray to take out Firestar (and mutters, “If you ask me tomorrow what happened, I am still blaming Nova!”) A neurological scrambler takes out Justice when Domino blasts him, and Cable stops Cannonball while clinging to him – with a telepathic command?

To everyone’s surprise, Paige Guthrie shows up in a transformed state – having followed Cable and the others, unknown to them! When she sees her brother, Cannonball on the ground, face down in the show, she screams – and that captures Gamemaster’s attention when she returns to human form. He pulls her in and notes that he could not scan her mind while she was in a transformed state – and blames Sienna Blaze’s excessive electromagnetic interference, after the use of her powers.

Paige makes a deal with the Gamemaster about tomorrow’s children, and the future of mutants. Gamemaster agrees that it is a game for him to try and recruit children with mutant powers more quickly than Xavier or any other who usually recruits children to teach them to use their powers.

The issue ends with a picture of an island and a man standing, looking outside his window saying, “Okay Nathan, to you and to Charlie… to Dwayne Taylor… to Forge… to Exodus… and Mr. Sinister… to all of you out there – let the games begin.”