New Warriors #54

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New Warriors #54 (Volume 1)

The opening scene takes place in an airfield in Goma, Zäire; near the border of Rwanda. The team known as Air Force, lead by Cardinal finds themselves fired upon. However, when the General arrives, he tells his men to cease firing and that Air Force is their to help get the medication to the Rwanda Refugees.

The scene shifts to the New Warriors sitting in a diner eating, when the news comes on and explains that hundreds of people in Rwanda, despite the efforts of Air Force, are still dying of starvation and disease.

They glance among one another, discussing how they have earned some down time, and since Night Thrasher and Rage had taken off to take care of some other business that they have not been doing much.

The news continues, and begins discussing how the air force base where the medication is being distributed from is suddenly under attack by a mysterious force. When the signal suddenly cuts off, the New Warriors suddenly realize what they must do.

The only question that remained was – how would they get to Africa?

The scene shifts again, this time we see what appears to be a plane. It lands within a underwater ship that bares an close resemblance to a giant, mechanical whale, for lack of a better description.

On there, a man reports that two of the members of Air Force are dead, along with seven hundred and sixty five refugees. General Obsidian, who appears to be a normal man, but with a black, featureless face, then reports back to the large man, with shark like teeth. General Obsidian reports that Sparrow, of Air Force, is in their sick bay; and when the leader asks what of the other members of Air Force, he confirms two dead, and the one known as Cardinal had escaped. The leader then tells General Obsidian to take the soldiers to the Genetic Reinforcer and have them hunt down the remaining members of Air Force, and to take Sparrow to the Scanning Room to see if she is suitable for “conversion.”

Eight hours from that time, a modified Lear-jet flies towards Africa. Inside the Lear-jet, Sprocket flies the New Warriors towards their destination. Sprocket points out that she doesn’t know why she ever agreed to fly the Warriors to Africa, since she no longer works for them; but she confesses that she is interested in learning what happened to Clendenon, better known as Cardinal. When the Warriors land, they take a look and see the death, destruction and dying. It is Speedball who locates the bodies of Oriole and Tanager of Air Force.

It is shortly after that that the Soldiers of Misfortune attack. Though only six in number, the Soldiers of Misfortune seem to be everywhere. They attack in viciousness and cruelty, and clearly without mercy.

The upcoming battle does not go unnoticed. General Obsidian and others sit around a table, and watch the battle through holographic means. From there, they give the command that Right and Wrong, of Soldiers of Misfortune attack Justice and Nova; Dark and Light against Firestar and Speedball; while Cut and Dry take down Namorita.

Wrong, who has the ability to warp perception, distorts Nova; at which time, Right, who has a disproportionate right arm, slams Nova with his fist. At the same time, Light blasts Firestar with beams from his eyes. At the same time, Dark who is capable of manipulating gravity, takes care of keeping Speedball out of the air.

Namorita goes after Cut and Dry; and when she swings at Dry, she suddenly finds he hand shriveled and sizzling. Cut is there to take Namorita down as she screams in pain from Dry’s attack.

It is then that the leader of the Soldiers of Misfortune finally reveals himself as a being called, Protocol.