New Warriors #60

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New Warriors #60 (Volume 1)

The issue begins with Rich Rider diving off a roof. Realizing last minute, that his lost powers are not going to kick in, he begins to panic. It’s only because of the arrival of Turbo that Rich Rider is saved at the last instant from death.

Nova explains to Turbo that having his powers was all he wanted; that it was his life. When Turbo asks what happened, he explains that during the time he was involved with Deathstorm, the Xandar showed up needing his service, and he refused. He would go back eventually and help them out during another mission (see Nova #14 – 16, Volume Three for more details). However, apparently they would not forget, nor forgive him for refusing to help originally.

When he returned to Xandar, he was told by Adora that he was no longer needed as Nova, and the power was handed over to Garthan Saal. The Warriors arrive, and they venture to Rich’s room, where he explains that some shape shifter, probably a Skrull, was involved in a fight with Gathan Saal and escaped, and that it was a huge threat, and possibly an end to the world.

The scene shifts, and we see Garthan Saal imprisoned within a machine. A humanoid alien, mocks Garthan Saal, mentioning his sons had created the machine holding him, and how they had been bad planners; and so he had replaced them with his daughters.

The hand that presses the button on the control panel is far from human.

That is when a giant looking Dire Wraith is revealed, claiming that she will free her kind from the Limbo, from which they were imprisoned.

Meanwhile, the Warriors fly to Yosemite, California – using Turbo’s armor to track Garthan Saal’s signature since it is similar to Nova’s. Turbo locates the entrance to the fortress below ground, and the Warriors begin their charge in.

Inside the cave, they locate a large door. When Firestar asks Powerpax to go through the door; Powerpax comments that he would like to change his ‘super hero’ name as it reminds him too much of Power Pack.

Using his mist powers, he goes through the door and gets to the other side. He finds someone working on the lines on the other side, who explains there is a leak in the system that’s leaking a deadly poison into the air. Powerpax states that there are others on the other side, but the gentleman in the containment suit explains that it would be ill advised, as it would pull some of the poisonous air out there with him, and undoubtedly kill his friends instantly.

The man in the containment suit tells Powerpax to follow him down further, where they can actually breath and that he would explain everything there. Powerpax agrees, not seeing the man’s eyes glowing pink, and a sinister smile adorning his lips.

On the other side, the Warriors blast the door after Powerpax doesn’t respond to them.

The scene shifts, and we see Night Thrasher and Rage discussing the New Warriors. Night Thrasher than takes Rage down below, where he states that he’s ready to be a leader again. The door slides open, and Psionex is training within the room.

A shift back to Powerpax has him suddenly captured in the same room as Garthan Saal.

The humanoid reveals to be the Dire Wraith that captured Garthan Saal. Realizing that the New Warriors are on the way, the Dire Wraith takes form of a control panel. The Warriors burst into the room, and Turbo realizes that the control panel is not what it seems. The Dire Wraith strikes Justice, then goes after Turbo; noting that the armor she wears seems very familiar.

Garthan Saal breaks free and claims that Volx, the Dire Wraith shall fall before him. Rich Rider finds a belt with lasers on it and equips it. The combined effort of Garthan Saal and Rich Rider’s belt, Volx is taken down. The fortress is breached and becomes unstable. Quickly, the Warriors and Garthan Saal make their escape as the mountain top explodes.

Once Garthan Saal and the Warriors land safely, he explains that Volx is the Queen Mother of the Dire Wraiths, and that she had hope to use Garthan Saal’s energy to free her kind from the limbo.

As Garthan Saal flies off, a deer unseen turns with pink glowing eyes.

The scene shifts back to the Warriors at their base. A number of things happen at this point: Carlton gives Justice a new uniform; Powerpax and Turbo become full time Warriors; Carlton gives all the Warriors communication badges; and lastly, Night Thrasher sends a message that gives the Warriors ownership of the Crashpad, as well as one million dollars for funding.