New Warriors #61

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New Warriors #61 (Volume 1)

Note: This issue is the prologue to Maximum Clonage.

The issue opens up with someone explaining that someone looking a lot like Spider Man had broken into the Genetech lab and stolen the Ribonucleic Nanocontagium.

The scene shifts to the Warriors base as a construction crew attempts to fix the damage inflicted on the base previously. Inside, Rich Rider, harboring anger over the loss of his powers begins to fight with Carlton. However, Carlton is called topside to watch the construction workers, while the rest of the Warriors head to Genetech to investigate what had happened.

The scene shifts once more, this time to Angelica and her friend Jupiter at Jupiter’s job. They talk and laugh until someone all too familiar to both ladies walk in. It’s none other than the man who date raped Jupiter (see New Warriors Annual #4). When he approaches Jupiter and places his order, she stammers, and he laughs about how he always has that effect on women. Angered to see him, let alone realize that he doesn’t even remember her, or show any remorse; Angelica heats up the hamburger he bites, burning the inside of his mouth.

When Jupiter freaks out, she tells Angelica that she shouldn’t use her powers on normal people; and asked if she ever thought of the long-term effects of her powers. Whether it might cause cancer or make someone sterile.

This of course makes Firestar think about what the long effects on her could be.

The scene shifts once more, this time to Speedball’s apartment. His powers going crazy, and bounce him around uncontrollably for a moment. When he regains control of himself, his mother informs him to clean the room and that he has a phone call. Picking up the phone, it is Rina Patel trying to warn Speedball about his own demise, which she has had visions of.

The scene shifts once more, this time to Turbo’s apartment, where Mikey is putting on a black Turbo suit. As soon as he puts on the suit, it adjusts itself automatically back to blue. The New Warriors badge rings and he turns over the suit to Mickey. She dons on the suit and finds that the suit changes its color to black.

The Warriors arrive at Genetech and they show the Warriors the surveillance tapes. The Warriors note how the apparent robber looked like Spider Man. They take the tracker that Genetech had made, and promise to track down the thief.

The Warriors track it to an abandoned warehouse, where the Warriors find themselves attacked by various humanoid creatures, who when hit, essentially turn to melted clumps of flesh.

Vance encounters the thief, who bares a close resemblance to Spider Man, only much more muscular and bulky. The thief uses webbing to snag and break the tracker, then extends a portion of his body, and lays out Justice.

The battle continues in Spider Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha.