New Warriors #64

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New Warriors #64 (Volume 1)

The scene opens with Night Thrasher charging into the hospital. When the Warriors arrive, they see Psionex, and mistake them for the ones attacking. So the Warriors begin fighting with the members of Psionex, until Speedball and Rage work together to stop some of the Eugenix.

The scene shifts to outside, where Genecide holds a woman hostage, while Firestar and Night Thrasher confront her. Genecide explains that they are killing people with imperfect genes so that it doesn’t pass down to next generations. She also eludes to something about Night Thasher’s genetics.

Genecide makes her get away by pointing out to Firestar that the use of her powers will make her, and those around her, sterile.

The Warriors show up outside, and Justice shoves Night Thrasher away using his telekinesis. Justice and Night Thrasher exchange words about what’s right and wrong, and if there are lines to be crossed.

In downtown San Francisco, Jacqueline Zanca sits in her office. A co-worker comes in, and she stands up – and a tentacle comes out of her mouth and she assumes his form, his eyes glowing pink – Volx is alive.

Back at the Crashpad, the Warriors gather around. It is during this time that Alex Power takes the name “Powerhouse.” At the same time, Carlton signals Rina Patel to “enter the room.” She does so by manipulating time and slowing it down, while moving at her normal speed.

Rina explains that she has visions she can’t explain; one being of Eugenix; another of Smartship Friday; one of Garthan Saal and Turbo; one of Black Widow and one of Justice, Helix and Powerhouse falling through some kind of warp.

They begin discussing her vision of Speedball’s death, when suddenly the past catches up to her, and the vision that came to her previous happens in front of her. (See New Warriors #59 for more).