New Warriors #65

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New Warriors #65 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with the Soldiers of Misfortune attacking a military base. We learn that Namorita is aware of all of her actions and yet can do nothing about them. One command forces her to break a man’s neck.

The scene shifts to the Warrior’s Crashpad where Rich Rider, Rina Patel and Carlton are gathered. Carlton explains that their new system taps into several hundred other systems, looking for significant news. One finally comes across from a naval broadcast, saying that sonar has picked up an unidentified ship.

Unknown to the Warriors, someone is monitoring all their movements.

The scene shifts to Angelica and Vance discussing the possible side effects of Firestar’s powers, and how they may want to rush their plans. However, before they could get much further, the Warrior badge began to ring.

The scene shifts to Alex Powers house, and while he searches for a number of things; the Warrior badge rings. He wonders if borrowing his siblings’ powers is the right thing to do. But he doesn’t give it much more thought than that, before taking off.

The scene shifts again, this time to hazy images of Darkhawk, Dagger, Powerhouse, Rina and Hindsight Lad. Then there is a doctor, speaking of how the energy is coming together. Then the doctor’s face contorts and becomes metallic.

It is then that Robbie wakes up from the nightmare, to the sound of the Warrior badge ringing.

The Warriors gather at the Crashpad where they review the reports of “Undertow.” Wondering how they’re going to get there, Rina explains that she had a vision of some kind of white ship. Powerhouse goes outside and calls for the Power Pack ship called Friday.

The ship emerges from the water, and the amazes Warriors enter the ship and head for where the “Undertow” has been sited.

The scene shifts one more time, this time to the Cali Cartel Smuggling Operation, where the Soldiers of Misfortune make their way destroying everything. Inside, Protocol explains that the cocaine was placed into the torpedoes and mini-subs, so the cocaine never saw the light of day until it was already poisoning the minds and bodies of America.

The Warriors arrive shortly after and begin fighting with the Soldiers of Misfortune. As the Warriors tangle with the Soldiers of Misfortune, Rich and Rina, still within Smartship Friday spot Namorita. They fly into the tunnel that she flies in. While in there, she sets the bomb that is meant to cause the entire Smuggling Operation to explode. When she comes face to face with Rich inside the Smartship Friday – she hesitates, resisting the commands issued to her to escape.

Knowing there is no time to disarm the bomb, she risks her life, pushing Smartship Friday out of the building, just as it explodes.

Once outside, she reaches for Rich and then is teleported away.