Fabian Talks New Warriors And His Return To The Book!

Fabian talks about the Return of the New Warriors.

Fabian talks about the Return of the New Warriors.

Fabain Nicieza talks to NewWarriors.com about the return of Night Thrasher – and the return of the New Warriors – written by Fabian Nicieza!

New Warriors Dot Com: Thanks for taking the time to stop by and chat with us.

Fabian Nicieza: Thank you for having me on the site.

New Warriors Dot Com: Pleasure is all ours! So, I will address the first and most recent news that’s related to The New Warriors – how do you feel about Night Thrasher (Dwayne’s) return from the dead?

Fabian Nicieza: I had heard – though never read – the events that led to Night Thrasher’s death. People would constantly ask me what I thought of the death of several members of the New Warriors which triggered Civil War – and I’ll be honest and say, I have no opinion, because I wasn’t reading the books back then.

New Warriors Dot Com: Even though their death officially took place in Civil War?

Fabian Nicieza: I am so busy doing so many different things, I don’t have the time to read everything like I used to. When it comes to writing – I spend a lot of time doing research and making sure I have all the strings of the webs I am weaving all aligned correctly. That makes little time for casual reading.

New Warriors Dot Com: Well, Night Thrasher perished in an explosion by Nitro (which also killed Namorita and Microbe). In Christopher Yost’s run of the New Warriors he introduced a character named Watersnake who believed Namorita to be alive. And at the very end (because the series was cancelled), Namorita is seen standing with the New Warriors. And then in Contest of Champions, Night Thrasher (confirmed by Chris Robinson, an editor at Marvel) is brought back to life. Other than Richard Rider, who remains “dead” from putting a stop to the Cancerverse (though everyone else who “died” with him has since returned) – it seems like the entire team of the New Warriors is back!

Fabian Nicieza: That’s a pretty amazing coincidence, isn’t it?

New Warriors Dot Com: You’re not saying or hinting that Marvel is about to release another New Warriors book?

Fabian Nicieza: How interested would fans be in a New Warriors limited series that deals with the team getting back together – and finally addressing the issue, “Where is Richard Rider?”

New Warriors Dot Com: I think fans would lose their minds. I know there’s a lot of love for the New Warriors, especially Richard Rider.

Fabian Nicieza: I guess now is as a good time as any for me to announce that I will be writing a six issue limited series – where the New Warriors band together to search for Richard Rider.

New Warriors Dot Com: What? Are you kidding me right now?

Fabian Nicieza: Yes. It’s April 1st. No one should believe even this interview is real.

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