The Blame For the Nova Cancellation?

Well, to say the least – I am quite surprised. As you probably know by now, the current Nova series (featuring both Sam and Rich) is going to be cancelled. Usually Tom Brevoort is pretty snarky, especially when it comes to dissing Rich Rider fans. (Well, he’s generally very snarky, but questions about Rich Rider, were usually met with more snarkiness than usual). So I was a little surprised to read this about the cancellation of the current Nova series, from Tom Brevoort:

…please don’t think I am blaming the audience for the book being cancelled–no one is under any obligation to buy our books. On the contrary, we are under an obligation to make books you will want to buy, so feel free to lay the blame for the cancellation on me.

Every issue there were about 35,000 fans who read every issue of NOVA and GUARDIANS and every issue of every [limited series] that was a part of all of our events. They helped spread the word and they were there along for the ride and never went away, and without them the books would’ve never even existed; there would be no film without those loyal readers.

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Our new Facebook page.

Some of you noticed that our existing New Warriors Facebook page was suddenly… gone. All the years of content swept away, and now it was a link to a page for the TV show (but with no content on there). This was done by someone above me, and I was never contacted about the URL being taken over.

I understand that, because the page was a page for the New Warriors comic, and that legally, Marvel (or even Freeform, the Television station) “owns” the legal intellectual rights to The New Warriors, and can do as they please – it would have been nice – and probably polite – had they reached out to me and said, “Hello. We would like this URL for the television show.” I would have been more than happy to create a new page, and merge my existing page into that new one – and thus, freeing up the URL for them to do what they need to do.

Now, unfortunately, I’ve lost all the history, content, posts, images, and most importantly the fan base that I had taken so long to build up. (I believe we were at 650 or so fans? Possibly a little more?) I had that URL for years, and now to rebuild it, because I wasn’t given any notification about the URL being taken over, is a little disheartening. Because I was doing everything to promote the comics, the show, everything and anything, New Warriors related.

I have reached out to Facebook, about restoring my page (even under a new name, like TheNewWarriors), but I don’t know when – or even if – they will do it. So in the meantime, I’ve created a new page, with the URL NewWarriorsDotCom (which, I am assuming will be safe, as I run the site myself). So, as I rebuild the page, please swing by the new New Warriors Facebook page and give it a LIKE. Also, if you don’t mind sharing the URL around to recapture all of those Warriors out there:


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Cloak & Dagger Trailer is here.

And folks, it looks amazing. Talk about it on the Cloak & Dagger TV Show Discussion thread on the forum!

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