New Warriors TV Cast & Our Facebook Page.

From what was mentioned over Omega Underground, it looks like the roster for the Television show has been revealed:

Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl)

Squirrel Girl is the spunky fangirl and “wonderful heart of the show” with acrobat skills, superhuman strength and a cool squirrel tail, Biegel says. (She can also talk to critters including her sidekick, Tippy Toe.) “She is openly hopeful and earnest and sweet and optimistic, but smart and very determined that she can make a difference, too. She knows she’s great and if you’re not going to get on board with her, she’ll leave you in the dust.”

Craig Hollis (Mister Immortal)

The squad’s resident troublemaker and lothario, this guy can’t die — or at least that’s what he says — and is equally cocky and grumpy. “Craig is a little more jaded and saying things aren’t as rosy and the world isn’t as hopeful as you make it out to be,” says Biegel.

Dwayne Taylor (Night Thrasher)

The masked dude is a local celebrity with his own YouTube channel but no actual superpowers. His parents were killed when he was younger, though he worries about his family’s wealth ruining his street cred. “Dwayne is the one who’s enterprising and really trying to figure out the business side of this entire thing,” Biegel says, “but at the same time he really does care about justice.”

Robbie Baldwin (Speedball)

A guy whose childhood was spent watching Quinjets take off from Avengers Tower, Speedball has the knack — though maybe not the greatest aim — for tossing kinetic balls of energy. Although immature and impulsive, “Robbie has these noble aspirations, but can’t quite figure out which one to pursue,” Biegel says.

Zack Smith (Microbe)

A big guy with a sizable heart, Microbe communicates with germs, giving him telepathic-like qualities, though he leans on his pals to find extra confidence. “Zack literally is just looking for a connection: ‘Hey, maybe I can find a group of people I can hang out with,’ which is totally part of who you are in your 20s,” Biegel says.

Deborah Fields (Debrii)

Not only is she a low-level telekinetic trickster who has experienced serious personal loss due to the actions of superheroes, Deborah is also a proud, witty lesbian. “It’s not all about ‘Hey, I relate to the show because I want to have a squirrel tail,’ but ‘Hey, this is the story about someone who’s out as a lesbian and maybe it’s not that easy,’” Biegel says.

Given this cast, I am not at all surprised by it. The only one who does surprise me is the inclusion of Mr. Immortal – who was traditionally from Great Lakes Avengers. But since the show is going for the comedy feel, and not the more serious tone, that the comic series was historically known for; it seems that it’s based more on the series created by Zeb Wells, who created the characters Microbe and Debrii.

I am at least thankful, that they have included Night Thrasher and Speedball, as a part of this team. I am looking forward to see what they do with Microbe (who I actually enjoyed, and bummed that they killed him in Civil War).

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And with news of this cast being released – it’s probably no coincidence that Marvel, or someone, “took over” our Facebook page. All of the content that was there has been wiped out, all the fans of the page, gone. So I am trying to see, if nothing else, if I can get the page restored as TheNewWarriors rather than NewWarriors if Marvel, or whomever, insists on taking over my original hard work. We will see how that goes. I may be rebuilding the Facebook page from the ground up, however.

UPDATE: Because I don’t know how long, or even if, Facebook will restore my previous existing New Warriors page, I have went ahead and created a new Facebook page called New Warriors Dot Com. Please come by and LIKE the page, if you were on the previous page!


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