New Warriors #19

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New Warriors #19 (Volume 1)

We start off the issue in a very brutal fashion. Although all we see is Gideon’s face, he speaks of removing teeth with but a thought, and we see that Gideon is using Marvel Boy’s TK power in a rather brutal fashion. The scene is one of utter defeat. We see the Warriors, all shackled, beaten and bloody.

When Marvel Boy refuses to talk, Gideon threatens Firestar – which immediately gets Marvel Boy to react, and promise to tell the truth about why they had invaded Gideon’s home.

Marvel Boy goes on to explain how Night Thrasher had mentioned on the flight to Vail, Colorado, that Gideon was the businessman behind Ophrah Industries, which was responsible for the Proteus Project, and a backer of A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics).

Using Vance’s power, he uses a TK bolt to render Vance unconscious. When Firestar snaps a remark, Gideon uses Sil’s shadow melting to get close to Firestar. Then using Firestar’s power, he burns her skin.

Meanwhile in Oakland, we see a few drug dealers trading crack for weapons. From the shadows, a man – or perhaps a creature – and in seconds, those below are dead.

Left Hand appears and talks to the creature, and asks it to join, giving it the name, Smiling Tiger.

We cut back to the hospital where Chord is laid up. Then a woman, whose name remains unknown, enters Chord’s room, claiming that she misses her husband, and how foolish he was, and what the Pact has done. Then she catches a scent, and she turns and sees Tai. Once she sees Tai, she quickly flees out of the room!

We go back to Gideon’s, where Firestar is talking about their plan. She explains that Night Thrasher and Speedball were to use snowboards and ski their way in, while Nova and the others were going to directly assault the facility. However, Nova finds himself snared in titanium alloy nets, which Firestar blasts away.

Night Thrasher and Speedball manage to get in, but Gideon uses Speedball’s power to render Night Thrasher and Speedball unconscious within seconds. An interesting note, that Gideon refers to Speedball’s powers as “mutant powers.”

We cut back to the Warriors being held by Gideon. Gideon makes another interesting point about absorbing all of Speedball’s power – and claiming, perhaps a bluff – but he mentioned that if he absorbed all of Speedball’s power, that Speedball might not survive – or more interestingly enough – that he might cease to exist.

When the other Warriors attack, Gideon proves how much control he has. He uses Sil’s power to allow the TK blast to go through him, and strike down Night Thrasher. Then when Nova attacks, he uses Speedball’s power to eliminate any impact of Nova’s punch. Then using Sil’s power, Gideon phased his fist through Nova, rendering him unconscious. Then using Nova’s power, he flies and throws Nova into Firestar. Marvel Boy and Namorita double team Gideon, who then uses Marvel Boy’s TK power to trap them. Then when Sil appears, Gideon uses the TK power to close Sil’s connection to the Darkforce Dimension, rendering her helpless.

We cut back to Gideon holding the Warriors, where he tells them that he’s not “evil” as they see it. He is merely a businessman. And as a businessman, he is much like a hero – and in order to succeed, sometimes, they will have to lie, cheat, steal, and sometimes kill.

And with that, off the panel, Gideon tells them the horrid truth about the Taylor Foundation…