New Warriors #29

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New Warriors #29 (Volume 1)

This issue starts with Dorain Calder and Shanice Williams of RTV doing an interview with Firestar, Speedball, Rage and Nova about an international incident in Trans-sabal. The Warriors look defeated and withdrawn. When asked if it was worth it to get involved in Trans-sabal’s war, the look on the Warriors’ faces show the answer, and their silence speaks volumes.

The scene shifts to the very thing they’re being asked about. We see Namorita, standing strong and determined, looking over the battle scene. In the chaotic war, there are bodies everywhere, random gunfire and destruction spreading throughout the land.

Their movement is a flowing ballet of focused anger over what they have seen; but each strike is a strike filled with uncertainty. They came here to save the lives of many from those who are all too eager to take those very lives. Their battle is mainly against the mandroids. They move and fight like a team; when Rage is in trouble, Speedball saves him. Nova flies and takes out three mandroids by clipping their armor, with little effort.

With the mandroids defeated, they meet Araq Mezdbadah. He goes on to say that, as ironic as it sounds, he fights this war in hopes of peace. He speaks of Farnoq Dahn, who ruled at one time and was assassinated by a mandroid. He goes on to say Dahn’s cousin, Jalfaha, at that time proclaimed himself the ruler. He goes on to say he is part of an organization that is called The Paff, and they’re opposing Halladah who has instituted martial law.

This is where we first get to see Sprocket, their new female helicopter pilot. She breaks out some heavy weapons, as Namorita explains that they’re there to find out where and what happened to the Forces of Nature.

We cut back to the studio, where Nova goes on to speak about it. We see a thin, bald man leave, thinking to himself he had seen all he wanted to see – and seemed very interested in Silhouette’s whereabouts. He goes on to think about the Darkforce – when suddenly, the very shadows within his jacket seem to come alive and pull him within the darkness, leaving in its wake, only his hat, sitting on the floor.

We see the Force of Nature; but they look much different. Much more harder. However, the roster has changed somewhat, now consisting of: Aqueduct, Skybreaker, Terraformer and their new member, Firebrand. Opposing the Forces of Nature would be the mandroids! Aqueduct tracks down the main mandroid which is General Halladah.

Aqueduct used his powers to deplete the mandroid of the coolant. However, when the General abandoned the mandroid, it toppled on top of Aqueduct. The general then took aim on Araq Mezdbadah, while Aqueduct began to dehydrate the general; Nita picked up a gun and shouted for everyone to stop and took aim at General Halladah. Nita knows that her only choice is now for someone to die to stop all of this… but she hesitates on what she should do…

We cut to Washington, D.C. in the subbasement meeting room of the Commission on Super Human Activity. In an intense questioning, Nita makes a startling confession…

She was the one who killed General Halladah, not Aqueduct!