New Warriors #47

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New Warriors #47 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with a shadowed hand holding a Ankh looking at a monitor with the faces of several heroes – such as Captain America, Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing – and – of course, the New Warriors.

In the next page, we see a defeated Sphinx, thinking of Lady Sphinx and wondering why she would steal his Ka – his immortal power. Sayge, who seems to be an immortal being himself – perhaps cosmic – is there with Sphinx. When he questions Sphinx as to why he believes she has done what she’s done – Sphinx answers, “For power!” to which Sayge comments, “Or, perhaps for love, blind man.”

Sphinx in turns blasts Sayge (apparently disintegrating him) and replies, “Or perhaps she did it for the love of power.” He then vows to track down the woman and reclaim the power that is rightfully his.

The scene shifts to something more tranquil. We find the New Warriors at Benihana’s restaurant. We find that Robbie is teasing Mickey about them being on their first date with the rest of the Warriors. The conversation concludes with Kymaera offering Vance and Angelica to stay at her place, rather than Angelica’s.

A small scene shift and we see Silhouette in the embrace of the man known as Bandit.

Another small scene shift and we see Rage save a little girl named Shanice from being run over by a taxi. The mother of the young child thanks him by planting a kiss on Rage’s lips.

Another quick scene shift and we see a woman in a penthouse working on discovering information about the Ka. Her name is Meryet, and when her old friend Hosni hands her a letter, her eyes widen and she mutters, “No… he can’t be alive again!”

One more scene jump and we see Night Thrasher having a discussion with Carlton “Hindsight Lad” LaFroyge about recruiting more members into the New Warriors and splitting up the team into two active teams.

We come back to the New Warriors leaving the restaurant. The others depart and leaving Robbie and Mickey alone to watch a movie that they have to see for a school project.

We return to Rage next and he is in the kitchen with Shanice and Dahlia (the mother of the child), and is speaking with her about how old she was when she had Shanice, and about her working two jobs just to support herself, the kid, and her own mother.