New Warriors #45

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New Warriors #45 (Volume 1)

Part Two of Four in the Child’s Play cross over with X-Force. In terms of X-Force #32 (the first part of the Child’s Play Crossover) we don’t see too much that has to do with the New Warriors. We don’t even see any of the New Warriors till the last couple of pages, where Shinobi Shaw tells Justice that he has to fetch Firestar, or else he is going to let one of the other Upstarts go for her, and who knows what they would do.

This issue of New Warriors opens up with Cannonball, Boomer and Magma staring at Gamemaster – who, like any good villain should – explains the “grand scheme of things.” He explains to the three of them who the Upstarts are (Shinobi Shaw, Sienna Blaze, Graydon Creed, Trevor Fitzroy, with potential members of Andrea and Andreas Strucker). He then goes on to kindly explain the whole plan of having the Upstarts go out to kill the living members of the New Mutants and the Hellions.

A scene shift takes us to the Crashpad where the New Warriors are discussing the plan that Dwayne and Vance put into action. In the middle of the meeting, Speedball makes an outburst that everyone on the team has officially gotten a new outfit, except for him. Speedball slams his hand on the desk and suddenly his kinetic bubbles spring up and create a new costume for him.

At that moment, the wall shatters and some men in armor appear, calling themselves “The Tribunal” and how the New Warriors are to surrender Firestar to them.

We shift again, this time to Madripoor where we see Moonstar and Empath fighting off some burly men, when Sienna Blaze shows up – but only a second later, she is possessed by Karma.

Another scene shift, and we see the Warriors making quick work of The Tribunal. As if it weren’t easy enough, their armor essentially shatters and Justice appears. He explains in order to keep things as they seem, he will need to take Firestar to Shinobi Shaw. Firestar gives it some thought, then agrees to the plan. We learn that Shinobi plans to over throw Gamemaster, unaware that despite Shinobi’s defenses, Gamemaster is still able to hear them.

One final scene shift for the issue, brings us back around to the Gamemaster. Sienna Blaze appears and throws down Empath, Moonstar and Karma, claiming to have killed them.