New Warriors #38

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New Warriors #38 (Volume 1)

The scene opens in Chinatown, 11:44pm and Rage is out of control. As he smashes cars, taxis, and anything else in his way – he demands to know the location of the Poisoned Memories, or else he will tear down all of Chinatown.

Just when it seems as if Rage is going to be true to his word, Sprocket shows up in her helicopter telling Rage that he can continue to wreck Chinatown, or he can come with the rest of the New Warriors, since they have learned the location of Poisoned Memories.

The scene shifts to Newark Port Authority. Inside we see Speedball, Night Thrasher and Silhouette using the code name of “Leno” during communication with the second half of the Warriors, going by the name “Arsenio” which is composed of Namorita, Nova and Firestar.

Thrasher tells Namorita that silence is golden, and she doesn’t listen as she rips the glass paneling apart after Firestar uses her powers to short out the alarm system. Nova immediately tears into Namorita about her anger issues and her guilt issues, but reminds her – that his own brother was taken and now may be dead. But he tells her if he is not dead, he doesn’t want him killed because of Namorita’s guilt born anger. Namorita silently apologizes and team Arsenio makes their move into the warehouse.

Kimeiko Ashu knows that the New Warriors are coming from him; and he turns to the one thing he despises the most. Technology. Encasing himself within the huge battle armor, he begins tracking where the Warriors are within the warehouse. Unknown to him, as he wanders off in the battle armor, the coolant was never installed.

Meanwhile both teams of New Warriors converge and find Nova’s brother. Just as they do, Namorita points out that someone is coming – while Thrash does not hear it (indicating that she has super human hearing or Thrash is a little on the deaf side. I am going with the fact she probably has super human hearing, though I am not sure if this has ever been mentioned before?)

When Ashu bursts through the wall, Thrasher picks up the command telling Namorita and Nova to hit him low, but Nova quickly barks back that they’re able to fly the hostages out (Robert Rider, and Speedball’s father, Justin Baldwin). Thrasher begrudgingly agrees. Firestar, shouting about her father being closer to death than life in the hospital, unleashes on Ashu’s armor, which quickly over heats.

He in turn unleashes everything the suit has, firing missiles and anything else that has a button within the armor. It rapidly over heats and explodes. Ashu tears himself from the armor, screaming as the searing metal and wires burn his flesh. Grabbing a shattered piece of glass, he crawls towards Thrasher, with the intent to kill. However he doesn’t get far before Rage grabs him by the throat. He attempts to stab rage in the back, which does nothing but anger Rage further, who despite Night Thrasher’s protests, proceeds to snap Ashu’s neck.