New Warriors #52

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New Warriors #52 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Psionex on a rooftop looking down at the streets below. Led by Asylum, they step through him and into the potential of a gang war. Psionex attacks with the viciousness that Asylum expects from them. Impulse, with his super speed and super strength, uses the razors on his armor to cut hands and make them drop the weapons. Mathemanic uses his mathematics telepathy powers to distort the perception of those gang members. Pretty Persuasions uses her libido-enhancing psionic weapon in the form of the whip to restrain gang members. And last, but not least, the one known as Coronary uses his powers to seize control of the target’s entire biological system!

Asylum pulls a child into the Darkforce Dimension contained within himself, until it’s Coronary that tells him to let the kid go – because the guns are not real! However, when Asylum releases the child – they quickly discover the child died while within Asylum!

A scene shift brings us to the Crashpad where they are testing Kymaera and Rage’s power. Rage displays an incredible amount of strength when he strikes two pads. However, the test show that over all, Kymaera beats Rage in the sense of isometrics, muscular flexibility, and even straight press lifting. However, Rage’s strength comes out to be nearly three hundred percent higher when aggressive energy is released. While joking with Kymaera and Rage, Speedball releases a massive amount of kinetic “bubbles” which strike the pads, to which Justice replies, “Dwayne, I really don’t think you want to see these results…”

Just then, Chord comes online and informs Dwayne that the Mayor and Police Commissioner have asked the New Warriors to help solve the murder in Alphabet City.

When the New Warriors arrive, they learn that Matheemanic and Pretty Persuasions have turned themselves in, while Asylum, Coronary and Impulse are still running loose. They layer informs the New Warriors that although the boy died due to Asylum’s actions, he may yet be innocent. Apparently the young boy had a heart murmur since birth, and the resulting fear, normally not fatal, was enough to cause the death of the boy.

Another scene shift shows Impulse and Coronary running on the rooftop. A brief exchange in dialogue shows that they’re looking for Asylum to turn him over to the police so that they do not take the fall for the death of the child.

Asylum appears and attacks Coronary, complaining that his team should be more concerned about helping prove his innocence, rather than trying to save themselves. Asylum fills Coronary until Coronary explodes. Impulse points out that Coronary will take some time to pull himself together again.

As Impulse lunges forward to attack Asylum, he finds himself stuck in mid air. It’s revealed that the New Warriors are there to take Asylum in. When Rage and Kymaera move in for the attack, their brute strength does nothing against the Darkforce that wraps around Asylum. So it’s Speedball who taps into the kinetic dimension and uses the “kinetic balls” to tap into the movement of Asylum’s darkness, then ripping it apart, rendering Asylum useless.

When the local authorities arrive, Asylum tries to explain that he did not mean to kill the boy, and that his powers can’t be used as a lethal means. Night Thrasher allows Asylum to pull him through the Darkforce to show the police. Asylum is arrested, along with Impulse, with the suggestion that lawyers will take care of the rest.

Night Thrasher explains that in Manuel Gallante’s eyes, he saw his own worse fear. The fear that they might hurt, or worse, kill someone accidentally with their powers.