New Warriors #8

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New Warriors #8 (Volume 1)

Hard Choices.

His name is the Punisher. There is one thing he does and he does well. He kills the guilty; the drug dealers, the thugs, those that sometimes slip between the law’s fingers.

His name is Night Thrasher. His parents were gunned down when he was a child. But that’s not what drives him on this night. This isn’t why he wants to stop the Punisher. Tonight he is protecting Silhouette. They engage in close combat – and Night Thrasher gets the edge when he shoves a blade deep into Punisher’s leg. Suddenly realizing how dangerous Night Thrasher could be, the Punisher took a machine gun and opened fire at close range at Night Thrasher, sending him sprawling backwards. Quick to get away, the Punisher fled in his van… leaving Night Thrasher bleeding upon the concrete…
His armor had saved his life. It took the brunt of the fire and Dwayne had survived a machine gun blast at close range.

Meanwhile in the Amazon Jungle, Firestar, Nova, Namorita, Speedball and Chord were slowly making their way through the jungle, when they took a brief moment to rest.
Suddenly, without warning, vines wrapped around Chord and slapped Speedball, sending him crashing into Marvel Boy. Namorita began choking, so the fliers of the group; Firestar, Nova, and Namorita, took to the skies.

No sooner had that happened, Namorita suddenly began plunging toward the Earth. Nova was the first to react, but before he could do anything, rings of fire engulfed him.
Firestar turned and saw a man with long blond hair, smiling down at her. Before she knew what was happening, he snapped his fingers and all the air escaped from her lungs – instantly sending her into a state of unconsciousness.

When confronted, the members of Project: Earth came forward and standing among them was Robbie’s mother. Speedball quickly added that he and his fellow New Warriors would help the members of Project: Earth… whatever their task might be.

Interlude: Welcome to the Massachusetts Academy. The majority of people here lead a normal life. They come here as students and leave here as graduates. No one knows of its darker side. Its darker secret. Below this well known and respected academy is an organization of powerful people with heavy influences in the world. They are known as the Hellfire Club. The school also homes mutants which are students – another one of its secrets. These mutants are called the Hellions. Emma Frost runs the school. She is better known as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club and teacher of the Hellions.
Today she is in the most foul of moods.

His name is Kenders and he is the one that provided the information to the “outsiders.” When he would not speak, the White Queen took pleasure in gathering the information using her mutant ability of telepathy… in a very painful manner for Kenders.

Interlude: She watches… her eyes burn like the Egyptian sun setting far above on the surface… Her plans are folding together… and soon she will be ruler of all that is. The Scepter of Ka assures her that. She will be queen, and she will rule at the side of her lover…

He’s interested in who he just fought. He never knew much about him but his computer was able to get the information it needed about Night Thrasher’s armor. He’s impressed by what he sees… and he’s not sure if he’s pleased or a little upset…

In a church, the last place you expect a priest to confess his sins… well tonight that is exactly what happened. Father Jane confessed to Night Thrasher and Silhouette the sins of war – one he witnessed and may have been a part of. It was during the Vietnam War when one of the members of his platoon opened fire on an entire village full of innocent people when they were attacked by a Viet Cong. So much blood. So many innocent dead. He remember one boy running through the woods after them. At first angry and seeking revenge – but when he jumped on the helicopter and it took off into the air… all he clung on for was his own dear life. Father Jabe confessed that something in them all had snapped. The fact that this little boy’s people – people who had a moment ago tried to kill them all – was now clinging on, begging for his life. Father Jane then clearly remembered kicking the boy off the helicopter, and watching contently as the boy fell to what they had thought was his death; screaming the entire way down. However, the boy had survived. The boy had survived and grew up a killer. A killer known as the Bengal. Father Jane was found guilty for his crime and sentenced twenty five years in Quantico. It was there he sought to repent his ways and found the Word of God. Serving fourteen years in prison of his twenty five year term, Father Jane was paroled and became a priest. He served in the most horrible of neighborhoods trying to save the souls of those less fortunate… also hoping that this too might save his own soul for his past sins he could never forgive himself for…

Meanwhile in the Amazon Jungle again, the New Warriors came face to face with those who opposed them… four members who called themselves The Forces of Nature.
Terraformer – formerly known in the world as the villain, Plant-Man.
Skybreaker – a former renegade Inhuman named Aireo who joined the Forces of Nature.
Aqueduct – formerly a third rate villain known to the world as Water Wizard.
And lastly, a new one among them all – Firewall, who was a Cambodian woman whose exposure to an experimental Napalm during the Vietnam War had altered her into a female fiery form.
The leader of Project: Earth explained to the New Warriors that they were going to take the ecological war to the next step and going to direct acts of coordinated aggression against the developers, the corporations and the government of Brazil!

Meanwhile, back at the Church… without warning a van burst through the wall… and before anyone could react, Silhouette was rendered unconscious. Punisher rolled out of his van and put a gun to Silhouette’s head knowing his bullets could not hurt Night Thrasher himself.

However, just as Punisher did that… he heard another clicking sound… one he knew well.. that of a gun… and found Night Thrasher holding a gun to Punisher’s head…