New Warriors #22

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New Warriors #22 (Volume 1)

The issue begins with the Left Hand confronting Night Thrasher about joining the Pact. Left Hand goes on to explain that The Pact is something that all of their fathers began, and it is where their destiny lies. It is also mentioned here that Firewall takes on the name Silk Fever. When Midnight Fire speaks to Thrasher, he goes on to say that The Pact isn’t about trust, but about learning the truth, and he knows that Thrasher would make a deal with the Devil himself if it helped him in finding out about the truth. And with a silent approval, Night Thrashe completes the Pact.

We cut to Mt. Sinai Hospital where Tai is standing over Chord’s bed. She goes on to say how she needs him alive to make the Pact complete; for only Chord will be able to bring together the pawns that are needed to thwart the Left Hand. She performs some magic in which she apparently heals Chord; but also adds that she is sorry that she was unable to restore some of his brain tissue. She passes the message to Chord to tell the Warriors where she will be, and adds, in a very evil tone, that she is sorry that she had to kill both Chord’s wife, as well as his daughter, Silhouette.

Meanwhile, in the abandoned factory the New Warriors uses for their base, entitled The Crashpad, Speedball, Firestar, Namorita, Nova and Firestar watch the news as it unfolds about Marvel Boy’s case of manslaughter. It is here, we see how deep Firestar’s emotions run for Marvel Boy, indicating far more than mere friendship being felt. Amidst it all, Silhouette suddenly appears, falling from the ceiling and trailing dark shadows. Her body falls, bared and ice cold upon the floor! She tells them that Chord is her father and that they have to beware of Tai.

Sometime later, in Cambodia we see the Folding Circle moving through the forest. Left Hand makes a warning that they must beware of Dragon’s Breadth; which can be seen following them through the treetops!

Back at the hospital, Sil and the others speak with Chord, the best they can. Clearly seen with brain damage, as he is hardly able to talk, Sil finds out that Tai and Thrasher have headed to Cambodia because of the Pact. We also learn in this issue that it was Chord himself, who had killed Dwayne’s parents!

Later, in Brooklyn, New York a knock comes to a door, and a friendly grandmother answers the door. Not a word needs to be said before she calls for Eldon, better known to the world as Rage. They speak with Rage saying that they need his help; and when he asks for what, the Warriors reveal since he is still an Avenger in training that they need his help in stealing a Quinjet from Avenger’s Mansion!

Now to Queens, New York. The mysterious hero known as Darkhawk watches from a roof top as Nova effortlessly juggles a number of cars in the junkyard. Knowing he’s going to regret this, he flies down anyway, to ask why he’s juggling cars for no reason. Speedball appears and informs Darkhawk that they need his help. And when Darkhawk asks why, with a somewhat odd smile, Speedball explains, “We need your help in stopping an eighty year old woman from killing Thrash.” Nova adds, “And stop her from taking over the world.”

Later still, back at the Crashpad, Rage tries to convince the Warriors that perhaps it’d be better if they asked the Avengers for help and maybe they’d let them use the Quinjet without stealing it. Speedball argues, “You think they’d believe: Thrash is AWOL, Marvel Boy on trial for Murder, Chord tried to commit suicide, and our house keeper is trying to take over the world.” Rage, shaking his head, finally admits, “They’d kick us right out onto our butts.”

Firestar reveals at this point that she will not be going with the Warriors to Cambodia. She says that she wants to stay with Vance. Speedball agrees that it would be a good idea, in case any of the Warriors get subpoenaed, at least Angelica will be there.

In a rather comical way, the New Warriors get into Avengers Mansion with Rage. (There’s a lot of great dialogue between the characters here, which is why I highly recommend this issue as a must read). Some of the great lines are when they’re walking down a hall, they observe the wall with all of the Avengers. Namorita makes mention that there have been a lot of Avengers over the years, to which Speedball replies back, “Yes, but you can only count Hank Pym once!”

They finally make it to the hangar, where Micheal O’Brien watches them. After a few quick questions, he realizes what the Warriors are about to do and presses the button to seal the roof doors. However, Namorita and Nova take to the air very quickly! They realize that their strength isn’t enough to keep it open, so instead they rip the roof doors apart.

Back in the jungles of Cambodia! The Dragons Breadth attack the Folding Circle – and with little effort, the Folding Circle defeats them. Night Thrasher tries to tell the other members to stop killing, but they don’t listen! With a command from Left Hand, Silk Fever burns away a large portion of the jungle revealing the Temple! However, one large question remains: The guards that appear – they’re all wearing armor nearly identical to Night Thrasher’s!