New Warriors #69

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New Warriors #69 (Volume 1)

Once again, this issue opens up in 1947, the small farmhouse near Roswell, New Mexico. Two police officers arrive at the small farm, but all the lights seem to be out, until one of them notices a light coming from the basement. When they peer inside, they can hardly believe what they see. Kyle Grobe has hooked himself up to a number of wires in order to recharge himself.

The officers notice a dead body next to Kyle Grobe, and before they can react, Kyle turns his attention of the officers and ages them to the point that all that remains is skeletons. A message them comes in for Kyle, ironically from himself in the future. It is a message telling him of the New Warriors in the year 2093, May 24th.

The scene changes to the present, where the new Sphinx blasts Speedball, calling him a “Temporal Anomolity.” Sphinx keeps up his relentless attack on Speedball, amazed that he’s survived and still doesn’t understand what is happening.

Turbo arrives to help Speedball, by blasting Sphinx through a wall, buying Speedball the time needed to catch his breath. Sphinx returns the favor by slamming a train into Turbo. Powerhouse captures the train and throws it back, which Sphinx allows to phase through his body. Sphinx grabs Speedball and begins doing something that causes him an extreme amount of pain. His yanked out of Sphinx’s hand by Justice.

An Xandar ship floats 12,000 miles above the Earth, where Mexxa and Saal speak about the Shi’ar putting pressure on Adora. Mexxa seems to mock Saal, saying that it is a shame he is stuck monitoring the backwards planet of Earth, and that he was missing all of the action.

Aboard the ship, Garthan Saal gets readings of something happening; turning on the monitors he sees the New Warriors are involved. Flying down, he sees that Turbo is soaring through the air; not on her own will, but because someone had hit her extremely hard. Using low level concussive blasts to allow him to catch her. Taking her back to the ground, Garthan Saal sees Sphinx attacking the Warriors and opens fire on him. However, the powerful attacks prove to be futile.

Justice orders for Turbo to grab Timeslip and fly her to the Crashpad, then knowing what it could cost Firestar, and their future plans together, he orders to cut loose. Doing so, a massive explosion centers around Firestar, while Justice uses his telekinetic shield to protect the other Warriors.

However, Garthan Saal notes that she released too much energy, and perhaps tens of thousands could die; so he begins absorbing it within himself, telling the Warriors that just as Firestar triggered off the blast, Sphinx got away by teleporting at the very last second.

Garthan Saal suddenly gets a message from Mexxa and flies off, leaving the Warriors to try and fight Sphinx without him.

Sphinx suddenly reappears next to Speedball, and grabs him by the throat, telling the Warriors that what he is doing, he is not doing because he enjoys it; but because in order for the timeline to survive, the temporal anomaly. Sphinx blasts Speedball, where he lands in Battery Park, where Timeslip is. Timeslip rushes to his side where he dies in her arms. When they ask Sphinx why he did it, he only replies, “Because he would have failed.”