New Warriors #4

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New Warriors #4 (Volume 1)

Genetech Potential.

That’s all they wanted to find out. The potential danger Genetech posed to the rest of the world. What they would discover, would near be the end of the New Warriors…

And it only took seconds for the New Warriors to be taken down as amateurs. The first to fall would be Marvel Boy, whose head suddenly felt as if it might explode from his shoulders.

Then Nova was pulled down, and slammed against a wall by some kind of energy rope, rendering him nearly unconscious.

Then, from the shadows, a black mist enveloped Night Thrasher, sending him back to a time when he saw his parents die before his very eyes.

Then, Firestar saw a flash, and suddenly, it were as if she were no longer inside her body… her mind, gone.

The last to fall would be Namorita. Something moving by her so quickly cut her across the face several times, then the arm – hardly deep cuts… but the blades were infected with a poison that would render her unconscious mere moments later…

Meanwhile, showing up late, Speedball met with Tai in Manhattan, where she had given him a device to track his fellow Warriors…

When the next scene opens, we see the captured New Warriors members in a cage, with Walter Rosen looking on, who had helped them in their battle against Terrax. At his side, the founder of Genetech, Harmon Furmintz.

Harmon Furmintz goes on to explain, that a long time ago he was once considered a “super” human, for he had managed to graduate from Stanford at the age of 15 back in 1963. As a result, in 1940 he became a candidate for a top-secret military project… along with several other men.

But he had never found out what it was, because he was eventually rejected for the project because he was a hemophiliac. It was shortly later that Captain America burst onto the scene, that he had realized the super-soldier was the very experiment which he had been rejected from.

He explained his frustration, that with his God-given intelligence, he could have been the symbol of hope for his country, if not for a random error in a DNA molecule. The rest of his life, he explained, was spent in pursuit of genetic knowledge. He worked with greats, such as Howard Stark and Reed Richards. He then explains that he wishes to make an army of super-beings… and this is when he introduces, Psionex.

At this very time, Speedball had arrived to Genetech. Unable to get in, he sticks his arm between two pieces of metal, to pry them apart, but is unable to. Allowing his kinetic field to continue to expand in one small area, he manages to blow the metal apart… Speedball’s first step in learning more about his powers.

Meanwhile, inside, Walter explains more about Psionex. He goes on to say that he subjects were chosen because of their morphological differences as well as their varies socioeconomics backgrounds.

Coronary – an internal medical student who now has the ability to psionically manipulate a person’s bio-metabolic process.

Pretty Persuasions – an exotic dancer who can stimulate the pleasure centers of any individual, and transform her own erotic impulse into a variety of psionic weapons.

Mathemaniac – a genius-level student, and due to the enhancement is now a math telepath, whose total powers still remain fully unrealized.

Asylum – a former mental patient, who now has the ability to engulf victims in a non-corporeal mists, turning a victim’s mind inside out, showing them disconcerting inner truth or inner lie.

Impulse – a street gang member, prone towards thoughts of violence. Now able to act on his aggression with the speed of thought.

Shortly after the introductions, Walter explains how he doesn’t exactly approve of who they have picked for Psionex, at which point Speedball makes a dramatic entrance. Coaxing Impulse to lash at him, he manages to smash the controls, which frees the fellow New Warriors members!

Just as the Warriors are about to lash out, Harmon Furmintz points to the camera and shows that the police have arrived to check out the break in at Genetech.

Night Thrasher only takes a second before giving the word to attack, and with that, kicks Mathemaniac, rendering him completely unconscious.

Firestar goes to attack Coronary, but he quickly gains control of her arms, forcing her to blast upward. Namorita then flies up behind him, lifting him through the hole in the ceiling that Firestar had blasted.

Impulse moves forward to attack Night Thrasher, who gives Impulse a scrim stick to the face, while using another stick to deflect his deadly razors.

Marvel Boy falls under Asylum’s mists, and he is seen telling his father that he does not hate him, before Nova comes along and delivers a “good old-fashioned left hook” which sends Asylum’s mask flying off, and freeing Marvel Boy.

Marvel Boy is next to take out Pretty Persuasions, by quickly rendering her unconscious with a telekentic bolt.

Outside, Coronary manipulates Namorita’s stomach, causing her immense pain, which forces her to let go of him, allowing him to fall to what would appear to be his apparent death, when he shatters on the ground like glass.

Back inside, the fight heats up as Night Thrasher and Impulse continue to battle…

Although Impulse is quick, Night Thrasher is experienced and trained, and continues to dodge each of Impulse’s moves, always counteracting with another move, until Harmon tries to stop Night Thrasher. Night Thrasher pops out a blade from his glove and places it under Harmon’s throat, and hisses, “Hemophiliac, you say?”

Nova throws Night Thrasher back, and Marvel Boy contains him. Walter then steps forward and explains that Mr. Furmintz’s dream is a valid one, but one that has gone astray. The New Warriors gather their things, and depart, rather than dealing with the police and reporters, that have, by this time, surrounded Genetech.

The closing we see who will later be, the female Sphinx… but that is a story for a later time.