New Warriors #49

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New Warriors #49 (Volume 1)

This issue opens with the Sphinx thinking about the future; and we see a futurist version of Egypt that has once again risen to power. A few short moments later, we see the New New Warriors appear on the streets of Cairo. Carlton explains that Powerpax was able to use the “combined control over the fundamental physical forces of nature and convert them all to gaseous matter and lift them into the atmosphere – placing them ‘at rest’ with the rest of the rotation of the Earth, and thus simulating instantaneous teleportation.”

Darkhawk and Powerpax spot a pyramid that dominates the landscape, and chalk it up for undoubtedly being the base of Sphinx himself.

We do a scene shift to Vance Astrovik still stuck in the past. This scene opens up with him chasing his grandfather, Jerry. Using his telekinetic powers – he forces Jerry to listen to him as he tells him to stop beating Arnold, and that if he would, it would be a cure for both of them. But Jerry won’t have any of it, as he sees Arnold’s “homosexual ways” as an affront to God; and when Vance tells Jerry that beating his own son to “beat out” the “badness” would also be an affront to God as well. Jerry makes his escape and the scene changes to their home, where Arnold tells his parents that he wants to make things right.

Another scene shift, and we see Arnold walking to school, and two football jocks knock the books from his hand, teasing him that it’s his cook books. Vance shows up and speaks with Arnold (his father), saying that he should be sure of the choice in life he is making; and to ensure that this is what he wants. Because he might get a wife, maybe a son; whom he will resent because it will be a reminder of the life that he has rather than the life he wanted.

Arnold replies that unless Vance has a magic wand, that this is how it’s going to be – for everyone’s sake.

We cut to Speedball bouncing around in the kinetic dimension, where he learns he can dissipate himself, as well as extend body parts, and has completely control of himself – because the very dimension he is in, is indeed all a part of him. He pauses because one of the kinetic bubbles calls out to him – and he realizes all the answers to his questions like with this one bubble – he swallows it and it cuts away with him simply saying, “Whoa.”

We cut back to the New New Warriors who manage to get inside the pyramid. Once inside, the Sphinx attacks them. He pretty much beats the New New Warriors with utter ease. It’s only the combined powers of Powerpax that seems to give him any problem. And when his eye beams pass through the cloud form of Powerpax and strike the machine – from the dimensional doorway – Nova appears!