New Warriors #42

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New Warriors #42 (Volume 1)

The issue opens with Rich Rider in the grasp of Supernova. Supernova goes on to explain that in order to bring Xandar back to life, he will need all of his power, but the soul of Rich Rider.

We switch over to the other Warriors in the ship once again with Firelord and Air Walker. And in this issue, we learn from Air Walker that Firestar is far more powerful than any of them had realized. Speedball says it best when he mentions to Sil, “You know, I get the feeling that out in space, with all the electromagnetic energy around, without having to worry about hurting anyone, there ain’t nothing Firestar can’t do!”

Using her powers, Firestar cuts loose once again, and opens up a space warp!

Just as the New Warriors arrive Supernova begins the process of using his power to restore Xandar. Rich Rider is reborn as the ultimate expression of the might and soul of a proud dead planet. Rich, out of control, flies through the ship that the New Warriors are in!

A quick shift to Vance Astrovik, we learn that due to great behavior, Vance will be released from jail in two days!

Another quick scene shift, this time to Atlantis, we learn the Geneticist Kralor is watching over Namorita and comments that her genetic make up is rapidly deteriorating, and that should she live through the experience, she would never be the same.

One more scene shift, and we go to Xandar, where the New Warriors awake, puzzled to be alive. You learn that Queen Adora saved them, but she tells them that in order for any of them to survive, Rich Rider must die.

Outside, Firelord fights Rich Rider. Rich blasts Firelord and sends him across the solar system! When Air Walker mentions that they’re not powerful enough to defeat, Firelord comments that perhaps no one, save for Galactus himself, could possibly beat Rich Rider!

Another Star Gate opens, and this time the Shi’ar return, with Gladiator leading them! When Queen Adora appears, she tells Rich to use the power to re-power Xandar; and at first, he does not want to surrender the power, but finally agrees to it.

When he awakens three days later, he learns that he still has the Nova force, and that he is assigned to protect Earth.