New Warriors #35

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New Warriors #35 (Volume 1)

This issue opens up with some of the members of Air Force (Sparrow, Killer Shrike, and Tanager) arriving outside Riker’s Island Maximum Security. It is there where they help free Cardinal. As they fly off they vow to get revenge on the New Warriors. They figure they will lock on to the energy signature that the Turbo outfit gave off to help track down Turbo – who would undoubtedly lead them to or bring out the New Warriors.

The scene shifts to Nova arriving at a school during the night, thinking about how he is going to train Turbo – both of them – Mike and Mickey. As they arrive, it becomes very clear that there is a bit of jealousy with Mike. He reminds Mickey that he found the suit, but she quickly reminds him that she is better at using it. The training starts with Nova showing Mickey the ropes – and while she can’t compare to Nova’s speed and experience, she does a good job holding her own regardless.

As Mickey lands, she gives the suit over to Mike who starts off wobbly. Before he can get started, he finds himself blasted out of the air by Cardinal.

The scene shifts again, this time to Dwayne Taylor’s penthouse. Here we see Silhouette lying in bed, recovering from the Forces of Darkness, Forces of Light storyline. Dwayne talks to her about wishing she would stay all the time, then excuses himself to step outside to speak with Cloak and Dagger. He offers them membership, but they decline and vanish into Cloak’s darkness. Dwayne makes a comment to himself about how he will need to draw from a larger pool of talent if the New Warriors are going to be the team he wants them to be.

Another scene shift, this time we find Robbie (Speedball) coming home and immediately greeted by his new neighbor Carlton LaFroyge. As they enter Robbie’s apartment – Carlton lets Robbie know that he is aware that he is a super hero!

Another dramatic shift brings us back to Nova and Turbo fighting off Air Force. Nova seems to be holding his own but knows it’s a matter of time before he gets nailed. Mike, as Turbo, isn’t doing so well. He finds himself cut by Killer Shrike, while Mickey is on the ground wondering what she can do to help!

Another scene shift, this time to Downtown Manhattan where we see Nita drinking rather excessively. Jackie, her friend, tries to tell her to stop and call it a night – but Nita will not listen. As Nita drags Jackie to the dance floor, her eyes land on an incredibly handsome young man – who she vows to “eat alive.”

One more scene shift finds us back to Nova and Turbo fighting Air Force. Meanwhile, down on the ground, Mickey remembers how Firestar beat Cardinal last time. Using the stadium lights, she creates a light to try and blind them from her plan; then has Mike use the turbo thrust to bust the water mains below the ground, then throws a live electrical chord at them – shocking all of them and shorting out their armor, giving the victory to our three heroes.