New Warriors #51

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New Warriors #51 (Volume 1)

This issue opens up with Mad Thinker watching the New Warriors on the news, with the coverage of Cairo splashed on every channel. He tells Primus that they’re going to pay the New Warriors a visit.

A scene shift to Night Thrasher and the rest of the New Warriors, shows Thrash’s agitation about their new found popularity.

Another scene shift brings us to a rooftop where Dagger and Cloak are discussing matters. Dagger informs Cloak that she’s been invited to join the New Warriors, and that she wants to do it because it’s something different; something away from the streets and violence of drugs and the like. It’s a bigger purpose. Cloak, however, quickly shuns her and departs before she can explain further. As she leaps down to the street, a taxi cab driver observes her. As she walks away, the taxi cab reveals itself to be Primus, and the driver is the Mad Thinker.

Primus notes that Dagger going to the New Warriors would be good for her, because it would make her happy.

The next scene shift brings us to Speedball and Rage sitting in a café and Rage is explaining the situation of the woman he met (see New Warriors #47). His problem is that she is twenty-one and has a four year old, and while he looks older, Rage himself is only fourteen years old. Speedball encourages Rage to continue and go on the date that she has set up.

All of this is observed by a man walking his dog, who happens to be the Mad Thinker and Primus.

Another scene shift, and we are in the home of the Power children, where Alex is trying to apologize and explain his actions. Jack, his younger brother, explains that he is not mad at Alex for “stealing” their powers, but the fact that he knew that they could still trade their powers. Alex explained that they can’t – and that only his is capable of doing it, because he is older and his body allows him to do it.

A hand reels in a yellow shirt of Stimpy, and we see the shirt is Primus and the one reeling him is Mad Thinker.

Yet another scene shift, we see Kymaera in a hot tub while Nova is trying to fix it. She makes the joke that Nova should come in and heat the water; and when he replies, that he did not bring a bathing suit; she smiles coyly and says, that it would only be fair that if he came in without one, that hers would have to be removed.

However, before they could proceed, Night Thrasher calls them and tells them that they’re wanted. As they leave, the rubber ducky in the tub reveals himself to be Primus.

Back at the Crashpad, Firestar arrives while Speedball puts pretzels all over the spikes on Rage’s armor. Silhouette and Bandit make the first choice, as Silhouette says she can not be a part of the New Warriors and that she will be leaving with Bandit.

That’s when Mad Thinker makes his presence known, explaining that he’s been watching all of them for the last few days, and seen how conflicted they all are. He uses Primus to explain how they are resisting change, while admitting how much it is needed. In Night Thrasher, he shows that his appearance has changed in terms of his armor, as he’s gained better control of his own life. In Nova he shows how he’s changed by overcoming the limitations placed by others – and more importantly – himself. In Speedball he shows the carefree attitude that hides a deeper truth. In Rage he shows that he has accepted the hard truths of the world, and thus minimizing the rage yet maximizing the potential. In Firestar he shows a fading innocence as she realizes just how powerful she is; and that the innocence is being replaced by responsibility. He shows in Justice how he has changed from a hopeful, wide eyed wonder to a man who seeks the balance of justice itself. In Kymaera he shows, as much as her outsides have changed, so have her insides, as she has become more compassionate, caring and honorable than ever before. And in Silhouette he shows that the girl that hid in the shadows of her own powers, has come forward and learned much about her powers and herself.

When Speedball asks why Thinker is always a jerk to the Fantastic Four, and yet this is the second time he’s come by the New Warriors to “help them out” – Thinker merely replies, “Perhaps I am doing this out of the good of my heart; or perhaps I have a vested interest in your continued development. Makes you think doesn’t it?” And with that, he drives away.

After his departure, Silhouette and Bandit bid the New Warriors farewell, just as Powerpax, Dagger, Darkhawk and Turbo all arrive. Thrash then explains that the original roster, plus Rage, will be the team known as the New Warriors; because they are not a team, but a family.

Darkhawk explains that he’s honored to be considered a member, but his own life is too complicated; and Dagger adds that whether Cloak believes it or not, she would rather work with him; and Powerpax explains that he would rather remain with his family; and Turbo explains that she will be around from time to time to take more abuse from Speedball.