New Warriors #59

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New Warriors #59 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with a flash back of Justice’s father abusing him; then going through the most recent events, including Sabra’s brutal attack on Batal. Just before Sabra attacks the Warriors, Justice tells them to follow his lead; using his powers he prevents Sabra’s attack from rendering them unconscious.

While the Warriors feign unconsciousness, Sabra escapes once she realizes the Prime Minister is gone. Firestar blasts her and sends her crashing into the ocean. It is then that Firestar displays her jealousy for Justice’s concern over Sabra, indicating that he would be happy with a “nice Jewish girl.”

However while Justice and Firestar briefly exchange words, Sabra blasts out from the water, slamming into them both, sending them flying off. It is Speedball who tries to attack next, but she slams him with such force, that he skims across the water.

The scene shifts to a room in Hunter College. The room belongs to a beautiful woman named Rina Patel. We learn that Rina is capable of traveling into the past. However, as she does so, she is surprised to find herself apparently yanked to a not too distant future; where she stands in costume, among the other New Warriors, including Scarlet Spider.

Rina snapped back to the present, to see a note, written by her own handwriting that states that the Warriors will be her friends. She also notes that she has never been able to travel to the future before.

The scene shifts once more, this time to the Crashpad, which is nearly in ruins. (See Nova #17, Volume Three for more information). Carlton is trying to fix something, when Turbo walks in and asks what has happened. Carlton explains that he has no idea, that he found it in such a state.

Another scene shift brings us to Justice finding Firestar wounded. However, at the same time, they can see that Sabra has found the Prime Minister’s car on a bridge, and that Sabra is ripping the bridge apart. Justice quickly takes to the air. Using his telekinesis he stops Sabra from smashing the car; then uses it to push her away. However, it does not keep Sabra away for long. She grabs Justice and begins to choke him. Only then does he remember her previous comment that his eyes reminded her of her own son. Recalling the Jewish prayer, Justice begins to cite it, bring Sabra back to her senses.

Sabra is placed under arrest and tells the Prime Minister that should they ever find out who had done this to her she would like the opportunity to pay them back. Justice notes that there will always be radicals who can’t stand the thought of change or compromise, and so peace will always have its enemies.

Turbo arrives and tells the Justice, Firestar and Speedball that they must return back to the base. When they arrive, Laura, Nova’s girlfriend, is on the phone telling the Warriors that Rich had called from San Francisco and saying something about losing his powers and she tells them that she is worried that he is in great trouble.

The Warriors assure her not to worry. Because if there’s one thing Rich Rider has, it’s powerful friends.

The battle continues in Nova #18, Volume Two.