New Warriors #2

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New Warriors #2 (Volume 1)

This issue begins with three cops checking a warehouse in Chinatown. The cops check around the warehouse and are struck from behind and killed by a man who moves too fast to get a good look at. Three Vietnamese gang members approach the mystery man and are startled that the guy killed three cops (he’s the leader of their gang). The guy tells them that he’s going to use the merchandise to obscure his involvement then he’s going to use a promise he made months ago to obscure the merchandise.

The next scene shows the Warriors working out in the gymnasium of their headquarters with Chord coordinating what each warriors should do. Then Tai burst into the gym clutching a newspaper and screaming for Night Thrasher.

Both Speedball and Nova are racing towards Tai’s direction but can’t slow down. Tai quickly jumps out of the way (pretty agile for a senior citizen) and Nova Crashes into Speedball. Speedball can’t control his bouncing and pretty much makes a mess of the gym. Anyway Tai shows Thrash and others the paper she was reading and it shows a picture of the three cops and a note saying “Thrashed by the Night”.

Dwayne then explains that a few months earlier he had been tracking a woman named Silhouette who was delivering money to a Korean gang member. Dwayne thrashed the gang member and chased after Silhouette only to be stopped by her brother Midnight’s Fire who is super fast (He’s the guy who killed the cops). Fire explains that Silhouette and he are planning to double cross the gang. They ask Dwayne to join and he accepts. Over the next three weeks the three of them work to take down the gangs and Silhouette and Dwayne end up falling for each other. Things go bad when Silhouette is dropping off money to another gang member when a cop sees them. Fire who is watching what’s happening from a safe distance is afraid that Silhouette’s cover is about to be blown and Silhouette will get killed. Fire pulls out a blade with the intent to stop the cop but Dwayne restrains him. The cop and the gang member fire at each other and Silhouette is caught in the crossfire. Enraged at Dwayne for stopping him Fire swings his blade and cuts a big gash into Dwayne’s face. After Dwayne finishes the story the warriors decide that Fire has to be apprehended. Dwayne says that he’s not going because he’s scared of what Fire will do to him. The Warriors take off after Fire anyway and Chord chides Dwayne for letting the others fight his fight for him.

Then we see several executives at Genetech watching the warriors fight with Terrax. One of the men suggest that they contact a person he knew from college to collect data on the warriors (It’s the Mad Thinker).

The next scene has the warriors in Chinatown and Firestar is lighting up the sky in order to draw Fire out of hiding. Well it works and Fire shows himself.

Fire apparently is well respected by the people of Chinatown and asks the Warriors why they are disturbing his people. All of a sudden a helicopter appears, Night Thrasher jumps out and fights with Fire. Even though Thrash has his armor on Fire still beats the tar out of him (Fire is a mutant with abilities including super speed and strength). The Warriors are debating whether to interfere but Namorita tells the rest not to. In a turn of events Thrash gets a second wind and gets the upper hand in the fight. He ties a metal cord around Fire’s neck and is about to kill him when Silhouette steps out of the crowd of people on the streets wearing braces over her legs to help her walk. Then on a nearby rooftop the rest of Fire’s gang pull out high tech weapons they purchased from A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). They tell Thrash to release Fire or they will shoot into the crowd of people. Fire breaks free from the cord Thrash had wrapped around his neck and the warriors fight with the gang members. Fire is about to finish off Thrash when the members of the crowd of people start throwing things at him. Dwayne pops a blade out of his armor and tells Fire that he is going to kill him. Silhouette tells Fire that he has no honor and they are no longer brother and sister. The Warriors try to persuade Thrash not to kill Fire. Dwayne opts to let Fire live but he gives Fire the same scar Fire had given him (it’s symbolic). The cops take Fire into custody and Nova asks Thrash if would have killed Fire had they not been there. Thrash answers by saying “You decide”, Nova says that isn’t good enough and Thrash responds by saying that his answer is all they are getting from him and Nova says that’s what he’s afraid of.