New Warriors #34

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New Warriors #34 (Volume 1)

The opening of this issue shows Nova and Rage trying desperately to restrain Namorita from killing them. When Namorita breaks free, Nova tells Rage that she is stronger than himself, and that Rage alone is stronger than her. Rage, reluctant to strike her, finally realizes he has no choice, and strikes with his power to render her unconscious.

Meanwhile at the same time, Cloak and Dagger face off with one another. Evenly matched and with Namorita out of the way, Nova and Rage come to stand with Dagger. However, just as it seems like they might have the advantage, from Cloak’s darkforce comes Silhouette (sans the bracers), Quagmire, Black Mamba, Shroud and Ecstasy.

Away from all of that, within the walls of Smyther’s Drug Rehabilitation, Doctor Strange stares out the window, watching the darkness sweep the land. Doctor Strange stays and speaks with the man responsible for the Darkforce leaking into the world, the man known as Manuel Gallante. Realizing that there was no hope of speaking with Manuel to change his path, Doctor Strange unleashed the Eye of Aramotto once again to show Manuel what his actions would do. Flinching from the light of the Eye of Aramotto, Doctor Strange discovers that Manuel’s survival depends on the Darkforce, but at the same time it had been there corrupting his mind. Furious, Manuel shouted that he had been trying to say that all his life, yet no one never listened. Using his darkforce power, he made a talon emerge from his head that took a firm hold of Doctor Strange. However, Doctor Strange quickly dispelled it with his magic, only to find Manuel towering in size!

Meanwhile, outside and rushing towards the Smyther’s Drug Rehabilitation, Firestar, Turbo, Spider-Man, Speedball, Darkhawk, Thing, Black Knight and Crystal are suddenly confronted by Archangel, Sersi, Human Torch and Vanisher. In one swift movement, Archangel’s metallic wings render Turbo’s outfit useless. Firestar catches Turbo, and is the first to note who their attackers are.

Spider-Man webs Human Torch, only to find the Darkforce climbing through his web. At the last moment, he is saved by Firestar! Black Knight and Crystal try to free Sersi, and just as Black Knight is about to use his Neuro-Sword, a blast strikes right behind him, rendering the Vanisher unconscious as he teleported behind the Black Knight! Darkhawk lands and explains the Vanisher was behind him. At that moment, the Darkforce over takes Black Knight, turning him. He moves to attack Darkhawk who makes a quick get away. Meanwhile, in the skies, Spider-Man calls for help with Human Torch. The Thing kicks over a fire hydrant, which douses the Human Torch. Next, Firestar blasts Archangel, and renders him unconscious.

Just as it seemed things were going well, they found themselves suddenly surrounded by everyday citizens of Manhattan. They realized there was nothing they could do without risking harm to normal, every day citizens…

Back at the Crashpad, Dagger squared off against Shroud and Cloak, while Nova faced off with Quagmire and Rage fought against Ecstasy, Nita and Black Mamba. The Darkforce over takes Rage, where we see a nightmare of his own, where his family dies because of what he’s become. In one punch, he takes out Nova, and another punch takes care of Dagger.

Then they all step into Cloak’s shadows, and leave the unconscious Nova and Dagger lying there.

Within Smyther’s Drug Rehabilitation, interestingly enough Doctor Strange calls Manuel Gallante as Henrique Gallente. Doctor Strange tells Henrique that there are no demons in the Darkforce to blame, and that all of this comes from Henrique himself. Henrique at this point adopts the name Darkling. At that moment, outside, the window shatters, and the Darkling makes his presence known just outside, where Speedball informs Turbo that with his first concussion and a lot of property damage, he’s liable to make it into a trial membership.