New Warriors #57

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New Warriors #57 (Volume 1)

Perhaps the best opening page in the New Warriors; this issue opens up with Nova holding Night Thrasher over the edge of a building, much like Night Thrasher had done to Nova in the beginning.

The entire fight centers around Night Thrasher always doing his own thing, and leaving to do things “more important” when the New Warriors needed him most against the Soldiers of Misfortune.

Nova delivers the ultimatum that the Warriors either choose Nova to remain or Thrasher; but if Thrasher is their choice, Nova will no longer be a part of the team. Justice is the one who explains that Nova has a point, and that for all of Night Thrasher’s strategic ability, he is not a team player, and it has been something that has cost the New Warriors dearly.

So the team splits with Nova, Justice, Firestar, Hindsight Lad, Turbo and Speedball making up the New Warriors; while Rage sides to be with Night Thrasher; though not without feeling broken hearted by the idea that it had come to this moment.

The scene shifts to the Power’s home, where Jack is yelling at Alex about stealing their powers. Alex tries to explain that he has seen things he could have never imagined, and because of it; he sees the world much more differently than before. The world isn’t a place for kids to play super heroes. The villains out there that fight super heroes do not pull their punches. They often go for the kill.

However, Jack doesn’t buy the explanation, and mutters beneath his breath that Alex will regret stealing their powers.

Back at the New Warriors ‘Crashpad’ Nova continues to drill Carlton about finding Namorita. It’s Justice who points out that they should notify Namorita’s next of kin over what has happened; none other than Namor.

Nova disagrees, and walks out of the room.

When Namor arrives, his short temper quickly catches up with him as he accuses the Warriors of only rescuing other ‘surface dwellers.’ Nova’s own frustration quickly meets with Namor’s temper, and before anyone can see what’s happening; Nova attacks Namor.

Despite attempts to calm Namor down, it’s only a matter of time before all the Warriors find themselves involved in a fight with Namor. Firestar nearly weakens him with a blast; but Namor breaks the wall and lets the rain wash over him; giving him renewed strength.

But the New Warriors have always been a team that has adapted to any given situation. And even against the power of Namor; the Warriors quickly learn. Justice uses a telekinetic shield to stop the rain from landing on Namor while Firestar continues to blast him, weakening him. And finally, it is Turbo who comes flying down from the sky, who lands the coupe de grace.

Namor sees that the Warriors genuinely care for Namorita and her safety, and realizes he’s made a mistake in attacking them, and mistaking their effort for lack of caring.

The Epilogue shows us thinking about how only Namorita really understands Nova; and that she loved him for everything he was; unlike Laura, who knew nothing about Rich being Nova, and only “loved” Rich for being a normal human.

It was then that Nova swore, no matter what it took, what they did, he would find Namorita, and he would love her.