New Warriors #55

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New Warriors #55 (Volume 1)

Nova regains consciousness and notes a continuous buzzing in his head. When he takes to the sky to get a look at the battleground, he’s surprised to see that there are no New Warriors – or Soldiers of Misfortune – to be seen – anywhere! Spotting a news crew, he threatens to destroy everything they have filmed if they do not stop what they’re doing and roll back so that he can see what happened. And so, on the television, one by one, he sees each team mate – each friend – fall before the Soldiers of Misfortune, then simply disappear into the ground.

The scene shifts to aboard the whale like ship of Admiral Protocol. It is there, that the doctors note an usual reading from Speedball; and Namorita’s resistance to mental conditioning.

Nova returns to Sprocket, who is tending to Cardinal. Nova and Cardinal exchange a few words, before Nova threatens to beat him again. Cardinal points out that they may have their differences, but the Soldiers of Misfortune took Sparrow. Sprocket points out that without Night Thrasher around, there’s only one person they could turn to, that could hope to help in tracking down the other Warriors.

Begrudgingly, Nova contacts Carlton – better known (or perhaps not so much as “better known” as in hopeful member of the New Warriors known as) – Hindsight Lad, interrupting his game of “New Warriors.” Nova explains to Carlton to get the reserve Warriors ready for action.

The scene shifts to the home of Michiko Musahi, when the phone rings. A few minutes later, a knock comes to the door of Mickey Jeffries. Dressed in a silk robe, she tells Mickey that she needs the Turbo suit, since the New Warriors asked for her, and not him. Disappointed, he hands over the suit.

The scene shifts again, this time to the home of Alex Power. Alex once again “borrows” his powers from his siblings, except for Jack’s cloud form, and takes off.

When Turbo and Powerpax arrive, Carlton informs them that Darkhawk and Dagger failed to answer the call. So it is only Turbo and Powerpax who offer Nova the back up. On the way to Nova, Turbo comments that her suit allows her to move up to 7,000 miles per hour.

Carlton also realizing the buzzing in Nova’s helmet is actually the radio frequency that the Soldiers of Misfortune had used. Using the frequency, they track the sub. Nova and Powerpax fly underwater and lift the sub, using Nova’s super strength and Powerpax’s ability to nullify the gravity of the sub.

Slamming the sub down and disorienting the Soldiers of Misfortune inside; Nova then rips the sub open, with Powerpax, Turbo and Cardinal behind him, as he shouts, “Ready for round two? Because we sure as #@&^ are!”

While, a disorganized and baffled Soldiers of Misfortune, look about in wide-eyed wonder.