New Warriors #68

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New Warriors #68 (Volume 1)

The issue opens with a mechanical looking humanoid flying through what appears to be the atmosphere, fire consuming him. His name is Kyle Grobe, and he has no idea how this would have happened. He thinks of the things that should have made all of this entirely possible, and how each of those things seemed to be failing him.

The year is 1947, and near a farm in Roswell, New Mexico, Kyle Grobe comes to a halting crash into the ground, with only one man as a witness.

A scene shift to the Warriors’ Crashpad, where the Warriors are enjoying the comfort of relaxation as they play a game of the world conquering Risk. It goes on with Carlton dominating the game with Rina at his side. His hand hits Mikey’s hand, which causes him to spill his drink on Rich Rider’s girlfriend, Laura. Rich warns Mikey to watch his hands, as he tries to dry off her sweater. Carlton continues to dominate the game, even as Mikey continues to embarrass himself with various comments. Perhaps to save the Warriors from embarrassment of Carlton dominating them at Risk or perhaps saving Mikey from further embarrassing himself, a portal opens inside the Crashpad, and none other than the Guardians of Galaxy step through the door.

The Guardians of the Galaxy explain that someone or something is causing major damage to the timeline. The Warriors all turn their attention to Timeslip.

When they do a reading on her, they verify it is not her; it is however none other than Robbie. Major Victory uses his telekinesis to grab Speedball; but Justice quickly uses his power to grab Robbie back, saying that they need a better explanation. When Charlie-27 reaches for Justice, Firestar blasts his arm. Nikki then fires on Firestar. At that point, Helix rips off his shirts and lunges into the attack against the Guardians of the Galaxy. Powerhouse than takes down Nikki. Timeslip uses her power to slow down time around her, and grab Chondu’s bow. It proceeds to go downhill from there.

Timeslip suddenly slips into what appears to be a future vision; yet it is back to them playing Risk before the Guardians of Galaxy arrive. However, when the Guardians of the Galaxy are supposed to arrive, Sphinx in a form none of the Warriors have seen before makes his entrance, claiming that Speedball must be destroyed.