New Warriors #74

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New Warriors #74 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Volx in Turbo’s armor attacking the New Warriors. Mickey lunges at Volx, barely being held back by Justice, as she demands to know what Volx had done with Mikey. Volx mocks Mickey by stating that she is Mikey, after absorbing his body, mind and memories.

Volx immediately shows off her control over the armor. When Firestar blasts Volx, she uses the armor to redirect it to strike Justice. When Speedball tries to attack, she catches him and bounces him away from her. When Powerhouse attacks in mist form, she uses a low density charge to shock him. And finally when Timeslip does a time warp so that she moves at super sonic speed while everything and everyone else moves at a snail’s pace; while hitting Volx repeatedly with a fragmented pole, Volx is still able to hit her, and send her crashing into Speedball.

Volx then makes her escape, by blasting a hole in the wall, then seizing control of Smartship Friday.

In space, Garthan Saal sees it all on video, and knows he must help the Warriors.

The scene however switches to Protocol.

Inside General Obsidian is speaking with his crew about something appearing on the radar. They’re baffled as to what it could be, because there is no way it’s a school of fish, nor is any kind of known man-made sub that they’re aware of, or else it would be generating more of a signature reading.

As they attempt to figure it out, certain that their hologram will fool whatever it is, they are surprised when several torpedoes strike their ship. Not only that, the torpedoes hit with such accuracy that it knocks out all forms of communication.

Night Thrasher and Rage burst into the ship, and immediately locate Namorita, injecting her to ensure that when she awakes, she would be free of Protocol’s control. From the corner of Rage’s eye, he sees something, but not before the large fist of Protocol slams him into the wall.

Night Thrasher looks around and sees no one, before getting slammed into a wall himself. Quickly realizing the attacker is invisible, he switches to infrared and spots Protocol. Pulling out a gun, he blasts Protocol, sending him flying back to slam into a wall, stunning him. Rage reaches for Sparrow, but Night Thrasher tells him there’s no time and that they have to escape.

The scene shifts to Garthan Saal’s ship, where the rest of the Warriors are gathered. Together they watch a broadcast that states that Volx has stolen the Neoneutralizer Device. The weapon, made by the X-Man, Forge (see Rom #63), was essentially a larger version of Rom’s handheld Neutralizer Weapon. Capable of sending Dire Wraith to the Limbo, as well as remove any human’s “super ability” which would, in essence, give Volx free reign over the world and leave it defenseless.