New Warriors #73

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New Warriors #73 (Volume 1)

This issue opens with the arrival of Dan Jones, son of Brock Jones, the original Torpedo, and second cousin of Mikey Jeffries. Dan Jones tells Mikey that the suit should have rightfully gone to his mother, who now wants him to have it to carry on his father’s legacy. He then reveals a picture of Mickey wearing the “Torpedo”/Turbo outfit, saying that he is aware of the fact that Mikey knows where to find her.

The scene then smoothly changes to Mickey saying farewell to Helix, as he leaves, saying that he will find his family, his history and his name; and he says it all in English, which Mickey had spent time teaching him.

With Helix gone, Mickey realizes that it is now her turn to find a way to tell the Warriors that she is leaving the team as well. At that moment, she gets a call from Mikey, who warns her that Dan Jones is looking for her; and that he can track her down every time she uses the helmet on the armor. Mickey then realizes that this is something that the other Warriors may need to get involved in.

The scene shifts to Thinker’s base, where we see the mysterious person he refers to as “Sharpe” that he had rescued strapped and contained, next to a tube that holds a person within, whom he calls “David.” With his hand on the tube, he adds, “If everyone acts as I have calculated, your pain will soon be over.”

The scene goes to Night Thrasher and Rage reviewing reports, realizing that there are right wing people who actually support Undertow/Protocol. Night Thrasher explains that this will be on himself and Elvin to save Namorita, since they were not there for her or the Warriors when she was originally abducted by Protocol.

The scene shifts to Rich and Vance working out. During the work out Rich tells Vance that he realizes he’s been riding him hard since the loss of his powers. Vance goes on to say that he still feels that the Warriors have lost their edge, and that they still react rather than act.

Back at the Crashpad, Mickey explains to the Warriors that she is leaving the team; but before she does, she tells them about Dan Jones, who claims to be the son of the original Torpedo, Brock Jones. Justice and Hindsight Lad inform Mickey that they will look into it.

Scene shift to Garthan Saal’s ship orbiting the Earth. Mexxa tells him that there’s a download, and he informs her that there was none scheduled; she tells him that she’s aware of that, then cryptically says goodbye.

Garthan Saal reads the file then turns to the Earth and utters, “Earth… have I betrayed you?”

Going back to the Crashpad, Hindsight Lad and Justice review the origin of the “Torpedo/Turbo” suit. The suit was originally commissioned by Eugene Stivak to be the ultimate combat armor. The first to wear the suit was Michael Stivak. When Michael learned that his uncle intended to use the armor to take over the United States, he presented him with an inferior armor called The Rocketeer Armor. However, he fan afoul of Daredevil, the building collapsed burying him alive. Ex-football star Brock Jones had witnessed the battle and dug him out, but Stivak was mortally wounded. He begged Brock to continue his quest for him, and Jones agreed, becoming the new Torpedo hunting the armor’s blueprints.

A team of Rocketeers go after Torpedo, and he defeats them, and locates and destroys the blue prints. Thinking it was over, he was surprised to be attacked by more Rocketeers, and when killing one, seeing it turn to dust.

In Virginia, Torpedo met Rom, and learned from him that Stivak was a Dire Wraith, and learned that the Torpedo Suit was meant to be the ultimate weapon, combining Dire Wraith and Human technology, outclassing even Rom’s armor. Rom modified the Turbo visor to be able see through a Dire Wraith’s disguise.

In the cross battle between the Dire Wraiths and the Skrulls, Torpedo was killed. However, the female Dire Wraiths did not recognize the armor, and the area was burned down to the ground. The armor went unseen until it ended up in the hands of Mickey and Mikey.

Mikey explains that it came into their possession a few years back when he was at his folk’s house, Mikey finds the costume up in the attic. At a Halloween Party, Mikey gives Mickey the costume to wear; and much to their surprise, the Rocketeers appear and attack Mickey. Mickey seems to adapt quickly to using the outfit. Mikey explains that they had it since then.

The New Warriors, after listening to all of this, decide that it’s best that they bring Dan Jones back to speak with him and what he intends to do with the outfit. Mikey agrees and asks the Warriors if he could wear the suit to go get Dan Jones, since he knows where he is. The Warriors agree and hand it to Mikey, who puts on the armor; and rapidly begins changing form.

Wondering what’s going on, the person once known as “Mikey” begins to change into a horrific humanoid. It taunts the Warriors stating that it could change into “Dan Jones” if that would help spell out what had just happened; saying that the armor was never intended as an owner being human; and that they were only using a fraction of the armor’s power.

Wearing the armor, and expanding its form, none other than Volx presents herself.