New Warriors #75

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New Warriors #75 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with Thinker observing the Warriors and noting that everything is going just as he had calculated. However, there is one thing that is off in his calculations regarding Night Thrasher and Rage. He had sent them information to rescue Namorita from Undertow/Protocol, and had expected them in his office seven minutes ago.

At that very moment, Night Thrasher and Rage enter the room with Namorita. When they question Thinker’s vested interest in the Warriors, Thinker agrees that its time for answers.

Before we get those answers, however, the scene shifts to the other Warriors in space chasing after Volx. Broken up into four team of two, in pod one we have Justice and Firestar; in pod two we have Turbo and Powerhouse; in pod three we have Timeslip and Speedball and in the main ship we have Garthan Saal and Rich Rider.

Inside the pod with Powerhouse and Turbo, Mickey confesses that she wanted out of the Warrior/Hero business, but right now she wants nothing more to don on the Torpedo armor and make Volx pay for what she did to Mikey. Powerhouse tells her that he understands, but at the same time, Volx has Smartship Friday hostage.

Inside the pod with Justice and Firestar, a quick talks leads to Firestar asking Justice if he would marry her.

Another shift in scene brings us back to Thinker, Night Thrasher, Rage and Namorita. It is then that he explains that his nephew David, who had been a mere six years, while observing Thinker, got too close, and before Thinker could pull him away, his DNA was irrevocably mutated. David became unable to control the powers that came to him due to his altered DNA; in which he would incinerate nearly any object that came into contact with his skin.

Feeling as if it was all of his fault, Thinker sought to find a cure, but never could. So he turned to the idea that the Warriors could be someone who could eventually teach him how to control his powers, because they were more open minded, rather than established groups like the X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, etc.

Thinker tells them about Volx and the other Warriors, and gives them a means to track them down.

Back in space, the Warriors manage to track down Volx, and Justice uses his telekinesis to hold the ship in place, and while Powerhouse tries to protest, Garthan Saal knows he can’t wait any longer, and strikes the ship with a blast, sending Smartship Friday and Volx towards the Earth.

The Warriors follow Smartship Friday to its crash, where they immediately begin their final fight with Volx. The Warriors immediately begin the fight against Volx, but wearing the Torpedo armor, Volx’s power is more than what the Warriors can handle. Timeslip realizes she must stop the Neoneutralizer Device from going off, so she runs to the Neoneutralizer and begins trying to figure out how to stop it from overloading.

Just as it seems if the battle is going poorly for the Warriors, the tide turns with the arrival of Night Thrasher, Rage and Namorita. Garthan Saal then tries to absorb all the energy from Volx; knowing it is far more than he can absorb. But his plan works, because it weakens her, at the cost of his own life. Before dying, Garthan Saal transfers the powers of Nova Prime into Rich Rider, granting him the power of Nova once more.

Timeslip isn’t successful in disarming the Neoneutralizer Device, but she does manage to lower its level significantly. When the device goes off, the Warriors fall, powerless. Just as Volx seems to be victorious, Night Thrasher pops the blade from his armor and shoves it through the back of Volx’s head, reminding her in her final moments, that a human does not need powers to be a “super hero.”

In the Epilogue…

Nova and Namorita are arguing as to whether they need to investigate what’s happening in Xandar or take care of Undertow/Protocol. Nova finally pauses and says, “I have even missed arguing with you.” And Namorita replies, “This is what I miss the most.” And she proceeds to kiss Nova.

For Timeslip and Speedball, Timeslip confesses that she fears she may have lost her powers forever, because she was at ground zero of the detonation of the device. Speedball encourages her that her powers may return in time.

For Hindsight Lad and Turbo, Carlton asks what Mickey plans to do with the armor since she didn’t want to be a Warrior anymore. Mickey tells him that she will continue to wear the armor, in Mikey’s honor. But then she tells Carlton that she’s gotten used to sharing the armor with someone who has always wanted to be a hero; and that she would be willing to share the armor with Carlton.

When it comes to Powerhouse, he learns that Smartship Friday is all right. When Powerhouse turns to destroy the device that Volx, Night Thrasher stops him and tells him that there’s still one more use for it. Night Thrasher explains that Thinker’s nephew would benefit from its ability.

In the very end, Night Thrasher and Nova agree no secrets, no threats, no grudges. And for the New Warriors, this is not an ending, but a new beginning.