New Warriors #50

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New Warriors #50 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with an explosive fight between Nova and Sphinx, with Sphinx under estimating Nova’s powers. Nova takes the fight with Sphinx outside, while the other New New Warriors go to a machine that will help track down the misplaced New Warriors. Mayet explains that Sphinx will come face to face with the inevitable futility of his power lust; and that all the Warriors, new and old, will play a part as a catalyst.

Outside Nova and Sphinx continue to fight. Nova explains at one time, he too lost all his powers and that was all that he craved, all that he desired, and had been the single thing that drove him on. However, he learned what mattered was friends, family and caring. Sphinx however, counters that he can not be bothered with such things and proceeds to blast Nova out of the air.

Inside Darkhawk, Powerpax and Dagger use their combined energies on the machine and pull Speedball from it. Meryet explains that it was logical that they pulled Speedball from it, since he is a being composed of perpetual motion, because what is time, other than movement; because the rotation of the planet creates days, and months, and years; and that the instants in which all of the other Warriors were taken from here and now exist within his form.

While Carlton explains to Speedball that he can search within himself to find the other Warriors, Bandit goes outside to join Nova in the fight against the Sphinx. While Bandit can’t do much against Sphinx, the Warriors – all of them – come pouring out of the hole! (As a side note, the single page shot is an incredible one).

Sphinx however counters with a massive blast that takes out Rage and Darkhawk in one shot (as well as Hindsight Lad, who was protected by Justice’s telekinetic shield). Night Thrasher takes command, calling for hit and run tactics to keep Sphinx off balance.

Silhouette strikes first, using her shadow melting powers to thrust her hands through his chest, causing him enough pain to double over. Next to strike is Justice and Speedball, however, Sphinx, tired of being beat on, lashes out.

Kymaera points out that brute force won’t work, and Firestar adds that she could probably go toe to toe with him, but everyone would have to be a very far distance from the battle. As Powerpax begins doing a sweep of the area, trying to help the people that are fleeing; he notices that the other side of Cairo seems to be reverting back to its normal self.

Powerpax returns to see Firestar cutting loose, with Turbo using her suit’s radiation dispersal systems to the max, and nearly about to buckle. Night Thrasher notes that Firestar could probably sunder the planet if she desired, and yet Sphinx was holding his own. Nova emerges from the rubble and states that Sphinx sent them back in time for a reason, and that for himself, he’s learned that Sphinx has always found a way to defeat himself.

That is when Veritas, the Sayge of Truth appears. After Nova knocks Sphinx down, Sayge appears and confronts Sphinx, calling him by his first name; Anath-Na Mut. A spark lights inside the darkened closest of his soul. He hears the voices of the New Warriors within him, and within them sees such a noble desire for common good – and using the Warriors as a mirror to reflect upon himself, when in his youth, he shared their passions, their hopes, their desires – what does he see? The truth, and it sends Sphinx to his knees. Meryet approaches him and extends her hand saying that there is still hope, a hope for tomorrow, a hope for the future. He takes her hand, and there is a large flash of light as their bodies become one.

And in a flash, they disappear, as Sayge explains that they have returned to live their lives, as they always, however, this time they will live it together.

The issue ends with Speedball asking, “What the heck are we going to do with fourteen New Warriors?”