New Warriors #58

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New Warriors #58 (Volume 1)

The issue opens up with the Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin. Riding with him is none other than Sabra. Just as they arrive at the UN Building, there is an explosion as terrorist make their appearance. The Prime Minister tells Sabra to refrain herself, and to let the American heroes, the New Warriors, to handle the situation.

Justice, Firestar and Speedball are only happy to oblige to stopping the terrorists and their attack. However, just as it seems as if they have defeated the terrorists; through means unknown, the terrorists turn their own powers against the Warriors. While the Warriors remain distracted, another terrorist makes his way to the vehicle of the Prime Minister. When he tears the top of the car open, he’s surprised to see “The Star of David” – and then a punch that sends him soaring into the sky.

Sabra leaps out of the car and begins taking down the terrorists with calculated ease.

Justice, Firestar and Speedball round up the terrorists and bring them to the authorities at the UN Building, where they are greeted by their contact, Mr. Pachiuk. Mr. Pachiuk expresses his doubts about Justice, citing that Captain America had originally been asked, but recommended Justice instead; but after their display, those doubts still lingered in his mind.

Eight days earlier, in a dark room; three doctors stand over a table discussing how the Peace Conference will have extremely tight security; and the only way to get a weapon inside of there, will be to make it a ‘human weapon.’

Inside the Peace Conference, the New Warriors meet the Syrian Super Soldier, Batal. Immediately, it becomes evident that there is hostility between Sabra and Batal.

The scene shifts to Protocol. There we see Namorita fighting against the mental control placed on her. Protocol tells the man working on Namorita to burn her brain if that’s what it takes; but he wants one thing and will not tolerate excuses. He wants the location and names of the other Warriors.

The scene shifts back to the UN Building where we see Sabra and Batal continuing to verbally slander one another. Mr. Pachiuk forces both sides to cease. As they paced the UN Meeting, guarding against any exterior attack when suddenly Sabra’s eyes light up, and with one vicious hit, delivers a neck shattering attack on Batal, before she turns and fires upon the UN Council.

Justice attempts to contain her but she easily breaks free, threatening to put “and end” to the peace talks.