New Warriors #70

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New Warriors #70 (Volume 1)

The issue opens with the Warriors gathered around the body of Speedball. Timeslip begins talking about how this isn’t right, that she doesn’t know who Speedball is, and that this is not the ending; this is just the beginning.

And through a portal came Advent. When the Warriors rush him, he incinerates the entire team, except Timeslip who is immune to his blast, much to the surprise of both of them. Timeslip uses her warping power to slow time around her and make her escape. However, she has no intention of fleeing; instead, she continues to use her warp power to follow Advent.

The scene shifts to the future of May 22, 2092. We see Kyle Grobe and his son Darrion are celebrating successfully finding a way to use time travel. Kyle is eager to use the time shell armor before it was ready, despite Darrion’s protests.

Rushing the process and with the testing not complete, the end result proves to be life changing for Kyle Grobe. As he shifts through time, his body begins to merge with the armor on a molecular level.

Darrion learns that his father has changed. He was using the armor now to go through time and tailor the events and altering the past so it effected the future. Darrion realizes he must stop his father, so he probes the Kinetic Dimension once more, knowing that there had been a figure there that had somehow survived; using the scan, he duplicates the person down to the last braincell.

Darrion than uses the machine to transfer his mind and memories into the duplicate body of Speedball that he had reconstructed. Within the dimension, Darrion sees the real Speedball bouncing around, trying to find his way out of the Kinetic Dimension. Realizing he must find his way out before the real Speedball, he finds the exit. He lets his mind slip to the back, and allows the Robbie persona to take over. As planned, he lands before the place Advent first changed.

As Darrion, as Speedball, goes through life, his powers begin to go out of control, preparing for the battle with Advent. His life eventually leads with a battle against the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with the rest of the Warriors. And from there, eventually to the battle with Sphinx, which would cost him his life.

But as Timeslip held “Speedball” he touched her cheek, and she suddenly realized she did not know who it was. She could tell it was not the real Speedball, and that someone had gone back through time, to try and fix the timeline.

The scene shifts back to Timeslip following Advent, when suddenly Spider Man is thrown out of a window. Advent then appears and as Spider Man and Advent battle, Timeslip realizes too late that it is Spider Man who must stop the nuclear bomb. Advent keeps Spider Man busy, and too late, Timeslip is forced to slide out of time as the nuclear bomb goes off, flattening New York.